Why I started blogging about my day to day life?

Why I started blogging about my day to day life?

Jul 30, 2016, 4:53:02 PM Life and Styles

Back in February of this year I was struggling with a particularly long period of a constant low mood. This low mood was effecting my work inside and outside of college, I was struggling to sleep, socialise and my interest levels in my hobbies dropped off and I had no motivation to complete any work that was required of me to add to this I was breaking down in tears during college and had to remove myself to the toilets to pull myself together.


As my low mood continued to last and I was unable to bring my mood back up, when my low mood started to affect my college work, it was advised that I met up with a pastoral support worker who could help by providing support with bringing my mood up to a more controllable level. One of the ways he suggested that this could be done is to start writing about how I was feeling every day and how I was dealing with my social interactions as my social interactions were often driving my mood down, so the next day I created my first blog called “Dan’s Life Site “.


My blog became a way to express the way I was feeling in a way that both relived how I was feeling but it also expressed it in a way that I was happy and comfortable with. Gradually after I had started talking about my feelings and how my day worked out I found that my mood had gradually started to pick up and I was eventually able to control my mood a lot easier this also effected the quality of my work at college and provided me with more focus and determination to succeed. This combination of determination and focus helped my quality of work increase as well as my ability to cope better with failure. Since starting the blog I’ve also been able to look back over my day to day life and identity areas that I can improve upon and better develop my personality in a way that helped me become more socially interactive with those who I work with.


Now several months on, I Still continue writing about my day to day life. however, now my mood is pretty much at a constant level and what better is that fact that I’m able to control it when it used to take several hours to pull my mood back up it now only takes a few minutes to bring my mood back up to a positive state where it should be. I now look at myself in a completely different way and are now able evaluate myself and identify what is working well for me and what isn’t working so well I can then adjust my lifestyle so that I remove the parts that aren’t working for me and focus on the areas that are. I have found that since starting my blog that my quality of life has improved and that I’m no longer worried about the various social interactions that I may come across, I feel that I’m able to be a stronger person and a more well-rounded person thanks to writing about my day to day life.


If you would like to check out my blog the link is : https://danslifesite.wordpress.com



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