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Dan is an urban street pastor currently working out of the Ark Aid Street Mission in London, Ontario, Canada.  A father of four, grandfather of three, Dan has numerous life experiences from living coast to coast in Canada.  An instructor, motivator, facilitator, author, cheerleader to those stuck in life-controlling situations, he is a friend to the lost and misunderstood.  Dan has worked with a variety of cross-cultural demographic folks from business people to the homeless.....all in need of the same thing....JESUS.

Dan has a no nonsense, humorist, but firm approach with the Gospel to reach those that life has got to be too much to handle alone.  He believes in coming along side of people to help them reach their potential in a way God designed them to be.  

Dan is the Outreach Director at Ark Aid, the Canadian Program Director for Overcomers Recovery Support Program, as well is active on local boards of church and community groups.

All this said, Dan knows that he is nothing without Jesus.  He owes his life to the God that rescued him from life's traps more than once.  It is a message that he carries to others in a honest, yet to the point....."Love God with all your heart.....make Him first in your life and if anything, inspire to be nothing but kind to other people you meet."

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