God Knows.

God Knows.

I have sat with a woman for weeks at the hospital that had her funeral today.  

She is a believer and was a regular attendee  to the Sunday service that I do at the street mission where I work.  When I sat at the hospital with her I struggled on what to say to her, I began to think of the WHY. If you are like me, you have a list of questions to ask once you get up there….you know….like when you leave this place and are in the company of God.  I hear people mentioned all the time….”When I get there I have a lot of questions to ask.  Some are like, I’m going to ask "Why I had to go through the abuse I went through.” or “Why are children allowed to suffer?” and “Were you (God) really there all the time?” and so on.  We feel like we have to know these things.

You wonder why things happen the way they do and if you’re honest, you question if God really cares sometimes?  Of course He does, otherwise He would not have sent His son to save us from being permanently separated from Him.  We don’t always understand the - Why?  For some, the answer are revealed to us maybe days, or months, or even years down the road.  Have you ever thought….If that didn’t happen to me then this would have never happened?  Yet for others, it never seems to be revealed.  Why?

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

God knows the “WHY” and we don’t have to understand it, because we can’t.  This is when our trust and faith need to kick in.  There are many references in scripture that tell us that God knows best and as in Romans 8:28, He always works things out, but for the big picture, not necessarily ours.  That is a difficult thing for us to understand and accept sometimes, but we need to trust God.


It has taken me a life time it seems to finally be in a place where I have come to accept that God really does know best. There have been many incidents in my life that unpleasant things have happened, yet later the events made total sense in my journey. God sees the BIG picture. If it had not been for some of the things I went through, I would not have been as fully equipped for the wonderful ministry He has given me today on the streets.

Image result for peaceWhen things happen that you just don’t understand….and it will, ask God to give you understanding and the peace to accept it.

So now, this woman whom I spent months in the hospital with has gone home to spend eternity with God....no more pain, no more cancer....just peace, everlasting peace that she believed in.

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