How do you spend your free time?

How do you spend your free time?

What are you spending your time chasing after,.....Pokemon Go....Breaking News Alerts....Home Shopping Networks.....Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.....emails, texts or the not-to-be-taken-seriously US 2016 elections?  These things change on a daily basis depending on their sensationalism and add virtually no value to our lives whatsoever.  In fact, they often take away from our lives.images (1)





How we spend our free time says a lot about who we are and more importantly, shapes who we become.  We have taken advantage of our free time which was bought with the blood and hard work of generations before us.  Our grandparents and even parent's generation spent most of their time doing the same tasks it now takes us mere moments to accomplish, thanks to modern technology.  Think I am exaggerating?   Take the microwave as one small example....I can produce a simple snack in minutes that took an hour or so to prepare before....and that is just the beginning of the list.  Meal prep, washing clothes, repairs, preparing documents and the list goes on....most of our ancestors time was spent on what we now consider simple tasks thanks to modern technology.  So how do we spend this free time that we have now?

Has our free time become more of a curse than a blessing?  Studies have shown that the average adult has at least 5 hours of free time images (3)per day....that's almost a third of the time we are awake!  So how do you spend that time?  Watching media news reports that are now more staged propaganda than actual reports....surfing the Web for things that don't really edify us....or chasing after the latest greatest thing on a shopping channel or gaming craze so you can remain in the "in crowd"?  Why, if we have so much free time would you use it that way?   According to recent polls, the average family does not sit down to eat a meal together more than 3 times per weeks....why, if we have so much free time?

You would think that with all this free time that we would use it wisely.  Technology has made us socially isolated....alone in a crowd.  If you are totally honest with yourself, this is one area images (4)in your life that could probably use some improvement.  It is common to see a crowd of people not engaging or interacting unless it's through technology.  We use are time to text, take pictures of sometimes life altering events rather than enjoy the moment live!  That's not time well spent.  This is something that I discuss with the folks I work with in my community all the time.  Are you spending your time wisely?  

If anything we have become more selfish, more self-centered with the free time we have. Instead of taking advantage of the extra time we have to spend with family, volunteer in our community or spend time with God, we have chosen to use our time to become lazy, complainers that we don't have more time.  We aren't satisfied waiting for a bank machine that can do our transactions in a faction of the time spent with a bank teller, or traveling by car on a route that takes us minutes to hours rather than what it took our ancestors days or weeks to travel....remember it wasn't that long ago we had to use a map instead of a GPS, look for a phone booth rather than use a cell phone we carry or order pretty much anything that took weeks if not months to come in.  We have become lazy with our free time.  We don't appreciate it and yet we complain we want more.

images (5)So let me just throw this out there....What will you say to God when he asked you what you did with all your free time?  

I will leave it there.  

Oh, you should probably think about that question though, because you're going to get asked.

Published by Dan Morand

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