Life as a Street Pastor Series

Life as a Street Pastor Series

If you want to buy some go to a Bakery.  If you want to buy some go to a Butcher. If you have a craving for Chinese go to a Chinese restaurant.  So why would you want or expect anything less than Jesus when you go to a Christian church? People know what to expect when they go to church, so there is no sense watering down Jesus for seekers or there? Nope.


Today, for the 20th time I will begin an Overcomers faith-based, 12-step program at street level.  This program was introduced at the Ark Aid Street Mission in London, Ontario Canada two and a half years ago and has seen some 100 folks take the program.  Not all finished, that's not what matters...what does is that each person that took this course learned about how Jesus can lead you to a better understanding of your life than what the world can.  For those that did finish the program, wonderful testimonies and miracles happened.

The Overcomers Recovery Support Program is a six-month commitment of weekly meeting, personal daily homework and individual support.  The program is Christian-based, loaded with scriptures and christian teaching.  Participants are made aware of that fact before the program starts.  Most folks have stayed with the group as the alternative to how their life was going on their own was bleak.

In the past few years, we have seen a woman walk in total freedom after forgiving her mother's murderer...a woman able to find peace with God after loosing two young children, an atheist that found more truth in what God had to offer than what the world did, and so on and so on.  It is no wonder that when a few churches began to see the remarkable change in people at the mission, they too wanted to take this course into their church.  We have five churches to date doing the Overcomers program, with two more beginning in the Fall of 2016!

These two remarkable women (pictured above) were the first to take the Overcomers Program at the Ark when it began in 2014.and now will lead their own community in the 20th group at the Ark.  Both have overcome obstacles in their lives and have learned to rely on Jesus....not in a religious way, but in a relational way to get them through life's journey.

When we walk daily with God, it doesn't mean our life will be any's just means that we aren't alone.  It is in that strength of communion with Jesus that ultimately carries us through life.  Dan

Today, these women have the opportunity to show others, based on their personal testimony, that with God all things are possible.  Their are so many that come into the mission daily that are lost, heart-broken and angry...most for good reasons, but they are stuck in one place and cannot get out.  The Overcomers program is a tool to move people forward in their life.

So excited for today!  I will keep you posted.

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