Monkey Bars.

Do you remember those monkey bars in the playground?  You know the sometimes painful exercise near the slide and swing areas of the play equipment in the park.  It was often the least fun, but man once you conquered it you felt so good.  At the beginning you may have needed a parent, grandparent or older sibling to hold onto you as you made your way across from one end to the other, but soon you knew you had to do it for yourself.  Once you accomplished this seemingly impossible feat, you weren't afraid of trying any longer.


This is much of what I do every day as a street pastor at the mission....I listen, empathize, and help direct folks through their "monkey bars" in life.  Like those monkey bars in that playground from long some point you have to let go one bar at a time in order to move forward.  Hanging on for a long period can be exhausting and frustrating.  You need people around you that care about you to talk you through your circumstances, not get caught up in them. God places people in our lives as cheerleaders and support, not as co-dependents.  It's no fun hanging on the same bar with someone.

Today I finished up some leadership training with two wonderful friends that are eager to help people maneuver their way on their monkey bars through the Overcomers Recovery Support Program.  This group has been helping people on the streets of London, Ontario Canada for nearly three years now with some incredible results.  Nothing makes me happier than watching people become free of the life-controlling issues and mastering the monkey bars of their life.  Can't wait for new testimonies from this next group.

If you are interested in more information about the Overcomers Recovery Support Program please contact me.  There are meeting places throughout Canada and the US.

Off to serve 100 or so folks a meal tonight!

Published by Dan Morand

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