My Life as a Street Pastor

My Life as a Street Pastor

It’s around 4 or 5 am and the sun is still hiding as I wake to do my devotions, then send it out to others through my blog.  These devotions are sent to me daily from my long-time buddy on the east coast  of Canada whom is in a time zone an 1 hour ahead of me.  This is my best chance at connecting with God so I can greet the new day in a world often filled with greed, dishonesty, hurt and sorrow….a world I excitedly step into the gap for the folks at the mission where I work so I can share how Jesus fulfilled my life in ways that the world could never accomplish.  No preaching, no judgement, just real transparency – my testimony.


This morning I woke up in a bed….in a clean room….in a clean house, with a washroom to grab a shower and a kitchen that has food to have breakfast.  I am so aware of my blessings already and I haven’t even stepped out of the house yet.  Each morning I ask God to let me see people how He sees them…without prejudice, or standards or expectations.  I fail often but I try harder the next day.


Often, I have folks waiting to see me as soon as I hit the mission parking lot and this morning was no different.  I listen a lot.  I am a good listener.  Above anything else, folks here value someone who will just listen to them…no advice, no judgement and no nothing – just listen.  I am greeted by a man in his thirties that struggles with bi-polar issues.  Lately his anxiety has been kind of ramped up as he is convinced that someone is spying on him which leads me to believe that he is either using drugs again or that his mental health issues have progressed further.  However, he loves to talk with me because as wild as his stories can get, I will still listen to him.

No sooner than I am finished with him, a once successful man (by world standard) in his late sixties, that has been living in his car for nearly 2 years wants me to help him secure I.D. so he can begin the process of rebuilding his life.  I drive him to a government office to apply for I.D. and drive him back to his vehicle.  He talks – I listen.

Today had already begun.  Two hospital visits…one of whom is days from passing, then  off to help a family by acting as a referee between them and their son who is leaving the home because of his noncompliance due to his addiction issue, followed by supervising two 12-step groups this evening.  I listen.

It's going to be a good day!

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