What Are You Trending?

What Are You Trending?

Seems like everyone is “trending” these days.  It’s the popular buzz word….for now anyway. People are easily influenced by what others follow, which is nothing really new for us humans. However, with the power of the internet, social media can easily creep into our private lives with the ability to reach far more people than ever before in history.  If we aren’t careful what we “trend” there may be irreversible negative results.

“Trending” is a mutilation of the English language that means “currently popular.”  It derives from a sad misunderstanding of the verb “to trend” as meaning “to become a trend.”  Urban Dictionary

Personal communication has pretty much bottomed out.  We rely mostly upon cell, text, Facebook, twitter and other forms of (anti)social contact to communicate with each other….not only everyone, but our family and loved ones as well!  We use this form of communication to congratulate, to offer condolences, to reach out to others, to bully or to replace any and all personal contact.  We lack face to face contact, which I believe has led to an alarming increase in depression, loneliness and withdrawal from society.  It is easy to follow others as they jump on the trending bandwagon behind your technology, but if you’re not “trending” God’s word you’re going to be in trouble.


We need to use wisdom when following others.  Life is anything but smooth, but life was meant to be relational.  Worrying about not following a particular trend or what others believe as popular, can lead us down a road to where we are lonely, unsatisfied and unappreciated if we don’t exercise wisdom.  Some of the things that trend are not all bad, we must be cautious that things don’t pull us away from what is really going on in life. There are things that may make us feel good for a short while but soon enough reality sets in.  God wants us to have a reality with Him.  This life here is temporary and doesn’t last most of us 80 plus years, so why would we give all our focus to anything else but God?

The next time you see the phrase “trending” stop for a moment and think about what you are trending for God.

Published by Dan Morand

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