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I’m a writer and professional business assistant that enjoys encouraging others to succeed whether it’s other writers, someone looking to change careers or needing to find new employment. I write creatively and edit resumes, share resources, and help answer resume and writing questions and brainstorming to help with writer’s block!

I have always incorporated writing into my day jobs; newsletters, web content, volunteer writer for articles or philanthropic outreach, employee achievement letters, etc. I have published articles, short stories and poems. I’ve been a freelancer on such projects as product descriptions, restaurant review apps (taglines), career blogging, resumes, cover letters, business plans, artist bios, and provided research for other authors. I personally have written several fiction stories and currently editing a first draft of a mystery novel.

As much as I enjoy exploring my creative writing side, I find myself drawn back to business writing; providing support, edits and encouragement for those looking for employment, changing careers. I love helping other writers find opportunities to explore their work, help them brainstorm, or share what I have learned from writing classes, conferences, personal research, workshops, discussions with authors and agents, and more! I find my greatest happiness when I can share my knowledge yet still learning from others (which will be a constant for me!) and providing career consulting; being a success encourager! I have had the opportunity to be included as a member of hiring committees, volunteer selection committees and one on one interviewing and hiring.

I offer free* basic resume reviews and minor edits to those who ask!

Email me at successencourager@gmail.com or leave a comment or visit https://successencourager.wordpress.com/

I also love gluten free baking and coming up with new recipes. My husband and I a currently researching tiny and small homes and homesteading; looking forward to a more self suffcient life!!


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