Five Korean Diet Tips to Try

Five Korean Diet Tips to Try

Sep 4, 2016, 3:12:18 AM Life and Styles


Koreans are not only known for its magnificent beauty products and fashion sense but also to its slimming figure and a healthy looking body.

It may seem difficult to follow some Korean Diet by our favorite K-pop idols and actresses. (Like the cucumber diet.... that is not healthy!!)

But lucky you, I got some five k-healthy tips that are very easy to try and  will do great in your diet routine.

Let's start!



1. SISTAR Soyou's Diet Tip

During one segment in Get It Beauty, SISTAR Soyou gave a piece of advice on how to lose weight without crash dieting and the importance of good balance meal and exercise.

She pointed out the importance of exercise that works for you and tries not to use the scale often and use a better alternative, by looking at the mirror and snapping a photo of yourself. Watch more to know more tips in losing weight:


2. SNSD Leg Workout

From K-style segment, here is a fun workout that you can use to tone your legs just like Girls Generation. It's super easy and you can try this together with your friends and have a showdown!


* use this song  when you do the leg workout. Boombastic I like to boombastic ayeeoo!! Boombastic I like to boom...boom!


3. Secret to Abs Workout

Another Get It Beauty Segment where you can learn a workout targeting your waist, hips, and legs. She called this "The Secret of Angel Fit"

Watch this video on how to achieve those 4 pack abs!


4. The Hemp Seed Zucchini Pasta

After all the workout, healthy meals are important when dieting. Another way to eat your favorite food  is by switching to alternatives. Like using a zucchini instead of a regular noodle in making your favorite pasta.


5. The "S Line" Workout

Koreans are really fond of the word " S line" when it comes to body figure.

The S line is described as a curvy woman with a small waist but with a larger chest and a great booty.


This is what an "S-line" figure they are talking about. you can see the shape of an S to the woman's side from chest to bottom.

This " Summer Body Line" workout video by After School can help you achieve that "S line" figure. Let's try that out!



That’s it for now! You can share your thoughts and your own K-Healthy tips as well in the comment section below <3


* This is not a promotional post.



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