All That I Want

{Editor's note: I present to you the spillings of my heart, cause this city and my experiences this year have cracked me open.}

All That I Want:

  • To constantly come from a place of love instead of fear. Several serious life events happened earlier this year really shook my faith and challenged what I truly believe in when it came to my morals, my values, my self worth…and my life overall. Mw has said that we often take ourselves too seriously, yet we don’t take our lives seriously enough. I get what she means by that, and it really made sense after I started realizing that some patterns weren’t just, well, normal. Those events consisted of my dad dying from cancer, a weird heartbreak I endured for about 6 months straight, and just overall wondering where. Is. My . life. Going.
  •  I want to elevate the world in every way. Bring more authenticity to the world of Hollywood, film, and entertainment – as absurd as that idea seems – because we need it. We need truth. We're entering an era where bullshit it any form (politically, metaphorically, in relationships) does not work for us anymore. We're done. We're over it, so we're finding ways to stand up and speak out. Because divisiveness and segregation does not move  a community forward. But relativity, relatability, and being ourselves can unite us.
  •  Which leads me to the next thing – we don’t need to know our life purpose. This was so, so, sooo relieving as soon as I read it on an article under Kate Northrup’s website. I'd been driving myself crazy out here thinking I needed to figure out exactly what my life purpose was, have it detailed and written down to its core. But that drive actually limited me on the possibilities of what could be and the potential of what I can do. If I JUST acted on camera all the time, I’d go crazy. If I JUST taught dance every single day of my life, I’d go crazy. If I JUST wrote every day and every day and every day….oh wait, I already do…you see what I’m saying. The synergistic blend of everything I love – and doing one thing and then another – is totally dharma to me. Not just, “my purpose is to get on stage and make people laugh and feel a really deep emotion.” There is nothing wrong with just knowing what you can bring into this world, of course, don’t get me wrong. But the purpose can also be a multitude of passions and hobbies and intentions we have. Leave the world a little bit better than when you got here. Leave someone making them feel a little bit better about their day or themselves.
  •  I’ve learned that if we want to work with children or have them, it’s essential that we infuse our interactions with them with full magic so that they can grow up in the world with  beautiful sight on this world. This seems nuts especially when we have a clown running for president, and there have been horrifying acts of violence happening, but the key to peace is held within us first and we have to spread our love to the next generation of us. When I’m teaching ballet to my baby bunheads during ballet classes, I intend to make everything we do incredibly fun - and have them understand why they are learning what they're learning. Of course, the last thing I’d want for them is to experience what I did growing up: bad technique, teachers who let me get away with making technical mistakes, and the stress I endured that resulted in three knee surgeries. We give to those what we wish we would have known earlier.
  • Give when you can. Then keep on giving. Give help to those who need it. Give credit where it’s due. Give yourself the time that you deserve and need in order to thrive and become happier with yourself. Give the second chance. Give the fears away. Give the truth to who needs to hear it – and that person may be you, actually. Give your heart away. Perhaps that does run the risk of being heard, but as the old adage goes, it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

And those are only several lessons I've learned...more to come.

Published by Dani Savka


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