Deep into the depths of where you don't want to go...

I feel like the most dangerous thing we could do in our lives is to chain ourselves down.. or others. It's detrimental to our health. And as much as we think we can hold on to someone or something, we can't. Count this as one of the thousands of lessons I'm learning over and over in my book of life.

We chaining down a  partner or relationship because we're afraid.  We don't know what's going to happen tomorrow or in 5 years or in 10 minutes from now. We act on our fears of abandonment which translates into jealousy; we fear losing someone in general; we fear we are suddenly not good enough for a person. We look at someone and take their past history and actions to prove that they will always be how they are. And then we give into believing countless rationalized reasons as to why it's so. 

Hitting the dark depths of your soul, as I'm learning, is a tool and really a mirror: it's an internal alarm going off inside. Something needs to give. You need to stop doing what you're doing unless you want to live in this forever. What if we explored our own dark sides instead of shutting it off? Turning away from realizing we need to forgive some thing or some person, no matter how extreme the pain or situation was?

I feel that life will continue to throw experiences at us - the same ones in different shape and form - until we hit that final wall, take a step back, and tell ourselves "Okay, I GET IT." 

And then you do something about it. The action of, well, taking action. 
So you put in the two-week notice at the job. You end the relationship. You walk away. You stomp your foot and announce, "No more." and you head out to do your thing.

You head out to do your thing, because I truly believe we all know within what our burning desires are.
And if you don't, here's a hint: look at what fires you up inside, what makes you angry. 
Look at what your interests are. Hobbies. Things you'd do 

I believe we're meant to serve ourselves in this world, and we're also meant to serve the world in some way. It doesn't have to affect millions of people (and that's great if it does); it may be one or twenty or a hundred lives. But I believe it begins with accepting ourselves first and elevating ourselves.

It begins with change. And oftentimes that requires diving down into the places within ourselves we really don't want to go.

Go make your change. Trust your instincts. Balance your heart and your mind - cause you need both.

Published by Dani Savka

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