Love...and losing it in one second

It's truly never going to make sense to me how you can believe you love a person and want the ultimate best for them, then days later, you flip the switch and this person is suddenly evil and toxic to you in every way possible.

Really. It doesn't make sense to me. Having a "holier than thou" outlook or looking at someone whether it's your best friend, parent, acquaintance, or partner, and knocking them down because they aren't "healed enough" to be with you.

My take: quit judging. Stop judging your partner on being previously promiscuous or choosing to express her sexuality the way she wants to. Stop defining your best friend because of their past decisions they've made. Stop jumping to the conclusion that the person you want to be romantic with doesn't feel the same with you. Stop thinking that your future is going to be exactly like everything that has happened to you in the past. These are walls I've hit a thousand plus two times and again. And now I'm getting the gist of this.

We ALL HAVE OUR OWN ISSUES AND CHALLENGES - that's inevitable. Life is great but it doesn't mean things are easy. Maybe we have a ton to learn. Maybe some of us DO need to pull our act together more than others -- myself included.

But I don't believe in being "in love" or genuinely loving someone, then despising them with every cell of your being the next day.

It takes a ton of strength to muster up sweetness, living with integrity, and still choosing to hold yourself together even when outside people or situations look like they're attempting to diminish your light or your purpose.

I need to write a book on this shit. This is why I write and blog for now... But perhaps a book is what really needs to happen.

Published by Dani Savka

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