mermaid mentality

lately i've been meaning to get deep.

so deep. into my own skin. into my own truths. into who i am.
because there's an ache...or it's an echo. it's the desire for some thing to come forth and  it's something to bring to the world at this point.

What happens when you don't acknowledge this calling: there's pain. An "existential crisis," as many would call it. Confusion. I have been at more than enough crossroads and questioning my own gifts and purposes lately, so I understand that.

And I find myself remembering the promise for my 26th round on this planet. Two simple words that reverberate as soon as they're said:

Dive deep.
Dive deep.
Dive deep.

 It's like the craving to shed old skin. Heal old wounds. serve up some realness.
And lately I'm craving alone time. Diving deep includes - but is not limited to: oceans. Being in the sunbaked hills of California. Longer periods of silence in bed, next to someone I love so much that I could combust into some sort of earth-based nebula.  Sensuality on overload..but no one ever said that My body is desiring hot yoga more than before. Meditation.
Writing more. But only writing what's real, raw, felt.

And I took a few leaps - by means of passion;, romance, and purpose to get time for one more leap.


I'll let you know what I find at the depths of my own ocean.

Published by Dani Savka

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