the desire to live again

And so she had the desire to write the story of her life.
Yet she was not even sure of where even to begin,
for the last 26 years of her live
She had lived several lives.
All reconstructed by some seen and unforeseen events
and changed through the use of her power of choice
and intuition.

A dreamer, a lover, and sometimes a faltering believer,
she knew she still could not give up.
Not yet. Not this late into the game.
And hands trembling, she chose to write
to spill her heart forth and outwards
bleeding out to those who had felt the urge for something a little….

For by her 26th year of life,
she knew she was a warrior.
A Goddess.
A creator of some sorts, not left to be held back by
outside forces. men. limited thinking.
And so she fought to break out of that box
and to step into the light of another day.

For what shines so brightly
casts a path, and sends the darkness behind

She may not know where she is to end up
for her life is still in its so early stages.

May she write, and fill the hearts of others.
May she seduce herself into a love so strong
that no other could ever break her heart once again.
Should her heart ever break, even by the instance of something simple
or unheard of,
may she open her heart more.
May she write so that someone else will understand
that they are not alone.

Published by Dani Savka

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