HD graphics role in online slots explained

HD graphics role in online slots explained

Aug 8, 2020, 6:18:56 PM Sport

The evolution of the slot machine over the last century or so has been nothing short of remarkable, with the Liberty Bell machine of Charles D. Fey’s day being replaced nowadays by a vast plethora of online slots, some of which look completely unrecognisable from the slot machines that were spreading across the world in the early 20th century. One of the key differences is the fact that slots are now digital, something that wasn’t possible before the invention of the RNG. 

Digital video slots also paved the way for a greater focus on slot graphics, as before their emergence the only “graphics” that you would associate with slots were their reel symbols. Nowadays, however, HD graphics in the online slot industry are the norm, and they are actually one of the key reasons why online slots have become so popular to play the game. Read on for an article on HD graphics role in online slots explained.

HD slots are much nicer to look at

Probably the main reason why modern HD slots are held in such high regard these days is simply because they are just so much nicer to look at than some of the older and much more pixelated slots in the past. Naturally this had let to more people trying out online slots, and also more recurring gamblers coming back to the slots market regularly.


Slots aren’t just something you can sit and play for a few minutes either, with most slot gamblers enjoying long sessions. So you can see why HD slots are important, and mainly because they make these games nicer to look at for a prolonged period of time. 

HD slots can feature more complex bonus rounds 

Another great thing about HD online slots is that you will often find that they have more complex bonus rounds, mainly because the developers are actually able to render their vision with more clarity, rather than with a heavily pixelated display. This a huge reason why online slot bonus features have become so much better in the last decade, because the graphics are there to support them! 

HD graphics also mean that developers are free to make their bonus rounds play out more like little mini-games that you would find in other games for things like Playstation or Xbox. Just look at slots like Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix or Centurion by Inspired Gaming for proof of this. 

HD slots often have larger jackpots 

As time has gone on slot jackpots have been rising exponentially, and the main reason for this is that there are simply more gamblers spinning those reels than ever before – more gamblers means more prize money! And here’s the thing: HD slots regularly attract more gamblers than non-HD slots, which means that their jackpots are often larger too! 

HD slots reduce the stress on the eyes 

A more practical positive to HD slots is the fact that they greatly reduce the stress on the eyes due to the better display. 

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