Why Our Kids Are Doomed!

Why Our Kids Are Doomed!

"Competition Fuels Innovation"

Please hold your thoughts and opinions until after you read the entire piece. The truth of the matter is that children are always a touchy subject and our emotions can be flared immediately with any mention. With that, here goes nothing...

Opening Thoughts:

I do not have children, I am a 22 year old guy with children very far off in the future. However, I have many friends with children and my older sister has one on the way! I will not say in any sense I am an expert, but to be honest I don't think it matters one bit!

Since the time we are young, we compete. For our parents, our passions, our desires, our teams, etc. We are a capitalist society that strives through our abilities to outwork and outthink those around us. For many years in the U.S. we were the threshold of innovation, in those same years it seems this idea of competing started early on in someone's life. The stories my parents, my father in particular shares of his days of high school football, were none other than extreme and competitive. No one knew the side effects of drugs and steroids or didn't care about them, but they were all willing to take them. My father thankfully did not, but a part of me understands why others have. People took them because of one word, WILL.

Call them cheaters, call them users, tell them they should be ashamed. But they didn't do it out of spite or to be assholes. They did it because they were willing to do whatever it takes to win. Long term, I have a feeling we all know the consequences, but we don't live for long term, we live for now. To make a difference, to bring greatness, change, or innovation. It seems all of those who are willing to take a chance to change their lives and those around them are always a little "crazy." Or at least that is how those around them who don't have what it takes, will say.

The Breakdown:

Where does the future generation come in, you may ask. My comparison towards a generation of men and women trained to compete and the days of American innovation is simple. My fear, is that the days of ties, awards for everyone, and the constant desire to make everyone feel "good" on the inside, is here and will be downfall of innovation in the U.S. Bill Gates, was made fun of, he didn't run, or cry... No, this man told others they would work for him one day and built an empire! That is what competition creates! I want that again! I people to inspire their children to fight for the things they love, and let them understand what it means to work your ass off for what you love.

There is a lesson to be learned in everything we do on this earth, I believe that to my core. I learn from every win I may get, but I learn twice as much from every defeat. Yes, of course they hurt, that why we never do anything alone, but those losses fuel me and drive everyone to do that much better!

This isn't about me. I have yet to make my mark in life. I didn't take steroids, I don't know what it is like to make it just yet. I do promise that when the day comes, and I know how I can make a change in this world, no matter what it is, I will do whatever it takes. I guess my question is... will you? Or better yet, will the children who have no idea what it means to fight for what they love have the ability to stand up for their ideas?

Where that Leaves Us?

Please, take emotion out of this. It is not worth it. I want you as the reader to think, to create your own opinion. If you don't believe this is true, that is fine. Comment, tell me why, but do it with intellect and respect.

Wednesday, "Our Role Models Suck".


Published by Daniel Krikorian

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