Being Friends With a Book Nerd

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Being Friends With a Book Nerd

Yes, us book nerds do understand we aren’t always the easiest people to be friends with. However, you know you love us and can always depend on us for a 10pm run to Barnes and Noble or to talk you through those heart breaking plot twists! So, you’re welcome😉


Though we do love you, you must understand that books will always be first for us. The sooner you accept this the happier you will be.


Do not under any circumstances make any comment that sound something like “they’re characters in a book, they don’t exist”. First of all, wrong…second, the characters in our books are our best friends, we will defend them with our entire hearts (just like we would do for you) so insulting them is just not a good idea. Just hold our hands, tell us it will all be ok and that we will find true love someday like the characters in our books.


No, there really is no such thing as too many books. So most likely, the more of a book nerd your friend is, the more books they have. That being said, no matter how many books we collect (yes, it’s a valid collection just like baseball cards or coins or whatever) we will notice if you move one of books. Everything has been perfectly organized (most likely hours were spent determining where each book belongs) so if you take a book off our shelves, PUT IT BACK WHERE YOU GO IT. It’s really not that hard.


Yes, we realize sometimes when we bug you about reading our books it can get annoying, but just remember it comes 110% from a place of love. We want you to go through the beautiful experience we went through and talk about the wonder that is reading with you. Also, there’s a big space on our bookshelf that is driving us CRAZY!!!


If you wanna end your friendship with us real fast, just spoil the book we are reading. Easy as pie.


No, the movie isn’t better than the book. There is nothing you can say, no example you can provide, that will prove us otherwise. Also, please don’t say you’re a “big fan” of Harry Potter if you don’t even know who Peeves is.


Sometimes we just wanna spend the entire day reading or we are in the middle of an amazing book and really don’t want to go out. Please please please don’t give us a hard time about this. Everyone is different, has different interests, respect that this is something we love to do and honestly prefer to most other activities. If you really wanna hang, come bring a book to our house and read with us, there is nothing we would love better.❤


If you wanna make our day just ask us for a book recommendation. We spend so much time reading books, often across many genres, that we are probably your best bet (if we really are friends) for finding your perfect book. Just be prepared for you life to be ruined by whatever perfect book we have selected for you. Even if you don’t think you’ll like it, consider giving it a chance, you never know! That being said, if we do pick out a book for you and you don’t like it, please be respectful. You don’t have to love it, but respect that we do and this book probably has a very special place in our hearts. You can be honest with us, just please don’t insult our baby (and just TRY really hard to finish the book please).


If you hurt our books, we will hurt you. Loaning you one of our precious babies was probably a big deal for us, so please just take care of them. We buy these with our own money (and books can be pretty expensive) so if we loan you our books for free, have the decency to return it how you borrowed it, or replace it if you accidentally ruin it.


If anyone makes a negative comment to us about reading, just prepare yourself for a 3 hour rant later. We have been dealing with this shit our entire lives and have a lot of harbored resentment built up. Then, as we rant, just smile and tell us we are right and “of course they are a dumbass loser who’s opinions are irrelevant” because we just need to be reminded that we aren’t crazy. (Even though we know we totally are)


Speaking of crazy, yes we know our obsession with our books may not be totally healthy but hey at least we’re not heroin addicts. I mean seriously, there are worse things we could be doing…


Lastly, we find no greater joy they watching someone blossom into a reader. Helping someone find that *perfect* book is our mission in life. So please, if you love one of our books, feel free to tell us and then get ready to discuss it with us for hours on end because this is what we LIVE FOR!!!


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