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I have quite a few book apps on my phone so I though I would share with y'all my top 5 favorite book apps and why. For some of my apps, such as tumblr and instagram, I have accounts exclusively for books. I'm not mentioning these below, but it's worth nothing that these are great resources to connect with other book lovers and access all sorts of book content.

1. Goodreads-


This app is definitely my favorite! I use it to log my progress in books, keep track of the books I've finished, track my reading challenge progress, find book quotes, and most importantly find book recommendations! This app is the best all around blend of all the things you could want in a book app. It even has groups you can join to discuss books and recommendation features based on your current reads. If you are looking for a great place to start with book apps and want a place to determine whether a book is good or not, Goodreads is the app for you!

2. Audible-

Unknown-5This app has one purpose for me and that is to store my audio books. I have recently gotten into audio books because they allow me more flexibility when I read. I can read in the car, at the gym, while packing ect. and I have my hands free to do whatever I want. It's also just a different way to read books and there are a lot that are very well done and extremely enjoyable. They add a whole new dimension to the books by giving the characters a specific voice (sometimes even the actual authors or a celebrity), and as a bonus, you will actually learn how to pronounce those confusing character names. To get books, you first have to buy your books through amazon, and then download them onto the app. Furthermore, if you subscribe to, you can pay for credits each month that you can use to buy books.

3. Kindle- 

Kindle-3.5By now I'm assuming everyone knows what a Kindle is. Luckily, the app store has a kindle app so instead of buying one you can have all the features right on your phone. This is a convenient way to read books if you don't have the opportunity to go to a book store soon and NEED the next book, want to read discreetly in public or just don't want to carry around a big book. Ebook are also typically cheaper and there are frequent deals to get them at reduced prices. Furthermore, once you buy a book it's on your app forever, so you have access to your favorite books at all times!

4. BookBuddy-

Unknown-3 This app is great if you want to keep track of your book, especially if you are loaning them out to others. This app allows you to catalog all of your books onto it and then has many options for details you can add about each book. It allows you to make categories and organize your books into groups (this is how I planned what I was taking to college) and it helps you keep track of who is borrowing your books. While it was a little confusing to figure out a first, it's a nice way for me to track my book collections progress and remember who I have loaned out my books to.

5. Amino- 

Unknown-1This app is something I have gotten more recently into and I'm really enjoying it. It's not exclusively for book content but that's it all I use it for. It's an app that allows people to make groups exclusively over one topic and you can join these groups and engage in discussions and view content related to that topic. Their are some very large groups that you can get separate apps just for them (for example the booksamio app) and I am apart of the large book amino. I started off in 8 aminos: Harry Potter, Slytherin, Books, Sarah J Maas, Cats, Broadway, Legolas (yes the one from LOTR) and Dance, but have narrowed it down to just Books and Sarah J Maas. It's a fun additional place to connect with other readers and it's a great resource for me to post my blog content and use that encourage others to visit my blog.

*Bonus* Youtube-

Unknown-4I had to include this because youtube it what really kickstarted my big jump back into reading and my passion to become a book collector. Youtube has an entire community dedicated to book lovers, referred to as booktube. The original purpose of booktube was to post book review, but it has grown to so much more than that! You can find vlogs, book related challenges, book rants, book recommendations, reading challenges, book group/dicussions, book reviews, author interviews and just anything a booktuber feels moved to post. These videos are really fun and they are my main source of keeping up to date on new books. I also get most of my book recommendations from my favorite book tubers. Here are the book tubers I am subscribed to and recommend (in no particular order): polandbananasBOOKS, jessethereader, abookutopia, PeruseProject, Piera Forde, Katytastic, and Tashopolis. I really recommend if you love or even like to read go check out the book tube community it's the best resource for fun book related content!

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