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There is nothing that gives me more joy that girl power books! The more badass the female heroine is, the more likely I am to love the book. That being said, here is my list of books/series that I think have the best resilient and empowering women. These books are great for high key, low key, or anywhere in between feminists (so literally that should be everyone!)

  1. A Court of Thorns and Roses/A Court of Mist and Fury (Feyre + ACOMAF squad)


While most stories tell the tale of the damsel in distress waiting to be rescued by the prince, Feyre’s story couldn’t be farther from that. From the very beginning of the novel Feyre was self-reliant and it becomes clear as the story progresses that she can handle herself. The second book expands upon this character trait of hers, having it be a central theme of the book and introduces more strong females. (ACOMAF specifically has very strong feminist vibes, it’s a major theme of the novel)

2. Throne of Glass series (Celaena)


This one is pretty obvious. The main character is the most notorious assassin in the land, she’s only 18, and she starts off the novel in a work camp. She is probably the strongest female I have ever read about and I am absolutely in love with her confident, cheeky and stubborn personality.

3. The Hunger Games (Katinss)


Katniss was not only impressive with a bow and arrow but she also possessed a commendable mental strength that allowed her to keep her humanity intact after participating in the horrific games. Her determination to take down the powerful and corrupt government while staying true to her values will forever be inspirational to me.

4. The Lunar Chronicles (Cinder)


I really enjoyed how the main heroine, Cinder, is an incredible mechanic. Machines tend to be something that is  associated with men so it was nice to see an empowered girl who is good with her hands (it does kinda helps that she’s a cyborg). Other than that Cinder is just a strong female overall and exemplifies a passionate leader who leads by example who will do anything for her friends.

5. Truthwitch (Safiya and Iseult)


This book was nice because, while it did have a little bit of romance, the main character relationship focus in this book was on the friendship between two women. Both of these women rely on each other and complement each other perfectly. Also, of course, both women happen to be higly trained in combat and posses magic (duh!)

6. The Infernal Devices (Tessa)


While Tessa isn’t like most of the women on this list who are physically strong, Tessa personifies more of a mental strength, especially for her time period. (Also she reads which is pretty badass) She doesn’t allow anyone to look down upon her because she is a woman and instead of becoming a victim of her circumstances, she is resiliant and rises above her troubled past.

7. The legend series (June)


Junes superiority is pretty obvious from the beginning of the novel. She got a perfect score on her Trial, which never happens, establishing her as extremely mental and physical apt and giving her a somewhat celebrity status among peers. She is extremely analytical and sharp minded which allows her to adapt to the many dangerous situations she finds herself in. She also has a maturity and strong sense of honor that allow her to make hard decisions and sacrifces.

8. Jane Eyre (Jane)


I was so suprised by how powerful Jane Eyre’s character was when I read this book. She is very consistant in her beliefs and stays true to her morals even if it’s to the detriment of herself. She is a great role model to young girls because of how relatable, honest and flawed she is.

9. Graceling (Katsa)


Not only is she personally a tough character, but what makes Katsa special is how she is such an advocate for all women. She believes that they should be just as armed and skilled as men (and that they should have the reseources to do so). Furthermore, though she does fall in love she is adamant that she will only ever belong to herself and she is able to maintain her identity seperate from her significant other.

10. Red Queen (Mare)


Though it’s more apparent in the second book, Mare is a very powerful and unbreakable heroine. Though she can be someone rash and irresponsible at times that is part of her charm. She is fearless and able to navigate the treacherous world she lives in even when everything seems to constantly be on the way to hell.

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