Why I'm a Shameless traitor to my country...

Why I'm a Shameless traitor to my country...

Nov 24, 2016, 3:04:37 AM Entertainment
I, Danielle Kirk, am a traitor to my country.
I used to watch Shameless, and absolutely love it. Unfortunately I have come to prefer Shameless US, or as you Americans call it - Shameless. 
I prefer the characters, I prefer the storylines, and I prefer the cast. Oh lord do I prefer the cast 😍 lets just look at Jeremy Allen White who plays Lip:


Anyway, before I start drooling.. 

I absolutely love the ups and downs of Shameless US, the UK version is good and I enjoy watching it and I know it's the original but still, I think the fact that US one is different is fantastic. If they had the same thing it wouldn't have worked as well, in my personal opinion. I'm glad that Kev and V are still in this one, whereas their UK counterparts left after a season or two because they are possibly my favourite characters apart from Lip. Ughhh Lip 😍 

I've enjoyed the storyline where Lip is compared to Frank. I think the fact I can relate (not to the drinking but to the not wanting to become your parent) makes me love the storyline so much more. Fiona trying to get everything together in the US one, is a lot better than her just leaving with Steve in the UK version. In the UK version I was not a fan of Mickey and Ian because I didn't think the relationship worked, in the US version they are both more in depth characters and I'm kind of sad Mickeys character has been written out. Hopefully  he's coming back! Although I do like Ian with Trevor, it's nice to see Shameless trying to keep up with the times. Finally Debbie: I love her character in the UK one, she holds the family together, the US Debbie is selfish and a bit of a bitch, although I feel like the writers are trying to bring her back to being a character people can like, especially after the last episode where Derek's sister and mother have taken Franny. 
So there we have it. I'm a traitor to Shameless UK. Please don't hate me.   


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