Morning Routine

Morning Routine

I’ve never been a morning person in all my life and I still wouldn’t class myself as one however, I have figured out a routine for myself that proves to work wonders in the mornings. Take a look at how I managed to get up and out despite not being good in the am.


First – The day before I need to plan out my journey so I know exactly how long it will take me to get there

Second – Figure out what sort of outfit I need to wear or if it’s just a uniform

Third -  Once I’ve know those things i will give myself 2.5 hours from the time i open my eyes to when i have to be at my destination. (30 mins to open my eyes and prepare to get out of bed, 1 hour to get ready & and other hour to travel depending on distance)

Forth – Before I go to sleep I program my brain to know what time I must be up and I repeat it in my head as many times as I can (it sounds weird but trust me it works)

Fifth – I go to sleep and hope for the best :) lol


The part about my routine which helps me the most is the 30 mins i take to open my eyes and prepare  to get out of bed. This allows me to chill off, stretch my body and focus my mind for the day ahead. I hate waking up and jumping straight out of bed because I still feel like I'm sleeping whilst I'm getting ready and travelling. Plus, I also look like the walking dead if  haven't had my 30 mins pre-get up time.


So there's my routine for the mornings; if you struggle to get up try my secret tip and see if it works.


Have a lovely day people! x

Published by Danielle Rochelle

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