Learn Online Carnatic Vocal Music Classes at Saamaveda Music Academy

Learn Online Carnatic Vocal Music Classes at Saamaveda Music Academy

Oct 18, 2021, 11:08:29 AM Entertainment

Flute is known as Veenuvu. The Vocal is mainly known for its significance, which is played by Lord Krishna. In India, Vocal is a divine musical instrument. Vocal music provides a great relaxation and meditational state. The instrument is having a soothing sound. Using Vocal, any of the film songs can be played. This divine instrument is mainly used in various places such as movies, concerts, dramas, and many other areas. Also, Vocal music is being recommended to overcome the stress and anxiety. Nowadays, doctors are recommending Vocal music in sleep therapy. Vocal is one of the ancient musical instruments of India.

Learn Vocal Online At Saamaveda Music Academy

Learning Vocal is a great experience. One who wish to learn vocal music classes can approach Saamaveda Music Academy for Best Vocal Training. The academy earlier offering the classroom training. In recent years, online training was also introduced for aspirants who cannot attend the classes in classrooms. The online classes are mainly helpful for abroad learners. At present, the academy is holding thousands of students from various counties across the globe. Many students from Australia, Singapore, USA, UK, and other countries attend the classes from the academy. SMA offers Indian Classical Music Classes in Carnatic Music Vocal and Instrument Music. Vocal Online Classes will be rendered via Skype.  With the help of internet, students can attend the Vocal classes from home.

Vocal Course Curriculum

As part of Vocal Course, initially Carnatic Music Basics will be introduced. After that Vocal basic, theory concepts about Vocal, and practical sessions will be introduced. In Vocal Course, students will be trained in tala system, varishas [sarali varisha, datu varisha, janti varisha], ragas, alankaras, and advanced concepts. As Carnatic Music is the base for any instrument music, students will be properly trained in Carnatic Music to catch up the Vocal course easily. During the Vocal course, students will be guided with instructions to play the Vocal harmoniously.

Vocal Classes Online & Classroom

Saamaveda Music Academy offers individual and group classes for the students. Individual Classes will be taken personally in preferred timings. While in Group classes, students will have to attend the classes along with other learners. Students can select Online or Classroom training as per their convenience. Students who stays nearby the Saamaveda Aacdemy branches can attend the classroom training or they even can choose to attend online classes. Vocal Online Classes will be taught on Skype.

Vocal Certification

Students will be trained efficiently in Vocal. Samaveda Music Academy’s lecturers are highly qualified in Carnatic Music. The lecturers will pay attention on each and every student to render the subject with quality. Students will be guided to complete the course with good knowledge. Also, after completing the course, students can get Vocal Certification in Diploma, Degree, or higher. Lecturers will be guiding the students about the course, exams, and opportunities.

Contact Info

Free Demo Class: People seeking to attend the demo classes can register on WhatsApp +91 9866513521.

Website: Visit saamavedamusicacademy.in to check the Vocal Online classes’ information.

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