My Travel Organizer for Toiletries and Make Up

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My Travel Organizer for Toiletries and Make Up

Jul 27, 2016, 12:38:48 AM Life and Styles

Whenever I travel, I always make sure to just pack light and at the same time to stay organized. It's easier to travel and it's less hassle when you pack light - especially when everything fits in one backpack or one luggage.

For me, the most hassle part of packing is when you pack your toiletries and a little bit of your make up essentials (little bit in my case because I don't put make up on just bb cream and the ones for the eyebrows lol and except when there are occasions but this is important because we ladies should always look good in our travels lol except when you're into extreme activities right haha!). Since then, I was only using the normal pouch with one zipper and I would place all my toiletries there. The problem was, if I pack my toiletries in those pouches, they won't fit and the pouch would look too bulky. I don't want a bigger pouch because well, it's not a "pouch" anymore haha it would lose its meaning.

So here's the best organizer  I've seen (so far) in organizing my toiletries and make up needs from The Venture Pack.


There are also a lot of designs you can choose from (I chose this because it's mint green. Lol). With regards to the price, it's a bit costly for me because I had to have it shipped (and I'm very thrifty sometimes HAHA) but overall it's very useful to a forgetful and procrastinating person when it comes to packing (I only pack hours before if it's a one day or two-three days trip lol) like me. You can stock all of your toiletries in it! It has all the zippers, the pockets and the hook you need to hang it in the bathroom. It's also very convenient because it is light yet at the same time it can carry a lot of stuff in it so you wont have to misplace your things anymore because they're all in there!


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