The SEO Company – Is It All Gold?

The SEO Company – Is It All Gold?

Jan 10, 2022, 9:16:40 AM Tech and Science

Following improvements in mobile and tablet technology, together with social media, marketing has found itself in a new, complex, and challenging environment. Some say that the internet has become the primary business playground and the most popular communication channel.

This playground created new rules and roles on both the demand and supply sides. Actually, the internet and modern technology transform how people behave, interact, communicate, and buy products.

Big data has not only become a business reality, but it has also become a reality for every consumer. Businesses and consumers must adapt to the informational age and develop new behavior patterns. But what about search engines?


Google believes it acts as a neutral information mediator, potentially giving every document the same chance to be shown at a specific position on the search engine results page (SERP).

The fact is, Google claims that stakeholder groups such as search engine providers, users, content providers, and search engine optimizers determine the rankings.

There is no doubt that Google is a powerful player, and some say that they privately execute tasks and responsibilities which are of public interest.

On the other hand, SEO companies are forced to design their client's websites according to search algorithms in order to gain visibility. Also, it is more difficult to distinguish SEO from other website maintenance activities because SEO now involves improving the overall quality of the website.

Search engine providers, through search algorithms – SEO Companies, through content manipulation and search engine optimizers – and users through their searching behaviors truly control the rankings.

What about US?

However, we think the most essential stakeholder could be users. Users have a high level of trust in search engines. Yet, studies show that most users have no idea how search engines work or how they make money.

The truth is, SEO is largely unknown to users and therefore cannot realistically assess the impact SEO has on their ability to search for content on the internet.

As a matter of fact, most search engine users don't know that Google generates revenues mainly through advertising.

Keeping users in mind, companies, website developers, and SEO companies utilize marketing plans to boost website traffic.

Studies suggest that SEO companies and the clients they guide should consider the following tips when developing a marketing plan.

Marketing Plan Tips

  • Each company should have their own website
  • A company's website must be optimized for desktop, iOS, Android phones, and tablets
  • Blogging, an excellent tool for keeping in touch with customers, should be inspirational
  • Communications should be crafted according to different interests and target diverse audiences
  • All marketing messages in each medium should be integrated carefully
  • Employee public profiles should follow organizational image and interests
  • The design of all messages is an essential part of communication and drives attention
  • Talking videos and live streaming are practical online communication tools
  • Differentiate businesses from their competition with unique messaging
  • Engaging customers through social media is a necessity
  • Track customers interests and adapt when necessary

There are three cornerstone principles of internet marketing crucial for success. They are:

-      Immediacy with a timely response to the audience

-      Personalization

-      Relevance of information

Furthermore, according to an SEO company, there are two dimensions affected by three criteria that impact website rankings. The dimensions and criteria are detailed below:

v Internal Website Optimization

o  Website Design

o  Meta Tags

o  Keywords

v External Website Optimization

o  Public Domain

o  Social Media

o  Linkage

Search Engine Optimization is utilized as a powerful technique for ranking high on a search engine's SERP. Studies reveal that Meta Tags are the most critical criterion followed by keywords, website design, site guides, linkage, and social media. 

It is clear that SEO is no longer thought of as an optional method but is a necessary standard measure of every online presence to achieve visibility.

In addition, SEO has proven to be effective in improving the SERP and the traffic on websites making it more profitable and sustainable than pay-per-click marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, it is not all gold for the SEO Company. Many SEO companies provide a myriad of services to their clients and need to maintain high levels of expertise.

Here's why.

Doesn't everyone want to be at the top of the search engine results page?

Market hype of increased website traffic and web visibility are pressuring companies to see immediate results, and when those results fall flat, other solutions are evaluated and implemented quickly.

Studies reveal that outsourcing digital marketing services may not yield the return on investment that many companies expect. The truth is, outsourcing may even be detrimental to a company’s overall operations.

Due to the dynamic nature and importance of SEO and low entry barriers, many unqualified players are offering services. These professionals may not be able to provide the desired quality of services to their customers.

Low entry barriers in terms of infrastructure, capital, and knowledge-based resources create the widening of a digital skills gap that exists in the digital marketing domain.

These unskilled players are more focused on short-term results and often engage in Black Hat SEM techniques that harm their clients. Examples of Black Hat techniques are article spinning, keyword stuffing, and link farming.

As a matter of fact, Black Hat techniques have become very prominent as of late and are most prevalent in small-scale service providers and freelancers.

Black Hat techniques result in short-term gains by attracting traffic. Still, in the long run, links are de-activated, and the purpose behind utilizing the Black Hat technique is defeated, resulting in no actual gain of online visibility.

The reason company's outsource services is because they don't want to carry the overhead expense and don't have the expertise to gain the necessary results.

Many company's dissatisfactions arise from outsourcing services to inexperienced service providers or freelancers in search of low-cost solutions.

SEO companies need to improve their services and the outcomes from those services. This can only be done by understanding the environment and how search engines like Google rank websites with their consecutive algorithmic updates.

It isn’t all gold!

Published by Danny Wilde


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