A simple way to escape from daily routine

A simple way to escape from daily routine

Hi everyone,

I have been thinking lately how many times I missed little details on nature that can make my day better. We get so overwhelmed by our daily routines that we forget to breathe and live the actual moment we are in. Even our "escape" activities can tend to be monotonous and are no longer our escape. 

On my experience, I will say, that just by looking at the sky can make me remember how big the universe is and how less important is whatever I'm stressing about. 

Wherever you are, if you feel like been absorbe by everything and everyone just take a minute to get away from the situation, look around and find something that will distract you from everything else (no social media!) if possible nature related, have a walk at the park or just look through the window if you are at work and even take a picture (for fun), that is a great way to develop your sensitiveness to detail ;) and will make you remember a good/happy moment of your day (always have one).

This picture is while I was stretching after training and thought it was worth a good picture! 

Special thanks to my favorite photographer, Sam Margetts. Click here for the rest of the photos. 

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