My ultimate list "before and after training food"

My ultimate list "before and after training food"

Hi everyone, 

A couple of months ago I travel to Mexico City to visit my sister and do some training. During training I had a couple of low pressure moments (almost passed out) during training, my body was adjusting to the altitude of the city (2,250 m elevation) but other than that I had a great week! 

This gave me the idea to write about my tips to keep it up in the court. 

I always bring a small chocolate (aim for the highest % of cocoa), a banana, water and a sports drink. 

Listed below my ultimate list of before and after morning training food. 

Before (1 to 2 hours before workout) 

  1. Fruit smoothie 
  2. A bowl of cereal with milk or oats with Greek yogurt, both with fresh fruit 
  3. Egg whites (a single provides around 4 grams of protein and NO fat)
  4. Half banana almond butter toast (if you are more into sweetness) *sprinkle with toasted coconut

If fancy a snack before workout try to keep to do it 60 to 90 minutes before and aim for 100 - 200 calories and a combination of lean protein and a slow acting carbs (like apple/peanut butter toast). 

After (30 to 60 minutes after workout)

  1. Chicken, beef, salmon (aim for protein with an equal portion of veggies)
  2. Power salad (include tomato, broccoli, avocado)
  3. A bowl of cottage cheese with fruit (add honey and whole grain cereal)*sprinkle with cinnamon

If fancy a snack immediately following a workout you can have a chocolate milk, protein bar (just watch the sugar), tuna crackers or a green smoothie. 

REMEMBER: Do not "reward" yourself with foods high in calories and saturated fats and do not skip a post-workout meal. 

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