Skin Care Under The Sun

Hi everyone!

After hours under the sun and without the correct care, our skin will call pay back time for all those years.

It is important to acknowledge we are not going to be young forever and the more we take care of ourselves during our youth, it will pay off when we grow older.

As we have said, our body is amazingly wise and we only have one so we are responsible for how it develops.

Today I thought I will show you how I protect my skin in and outside the court (this applies for any outdoors activity)

So let's begin!


  • Wake up and refresh with some water on your face (be careful with water temperature)
  • Wash with a gentle cleanser (you can use soap, foam or gel its really up to you)
  • Moisturize. I use coconut oil (I wasn't a coconut believer until i tried it...try it!!)
  • Face sunscreen (super important)
  • Make up. I only use natural made blush and mascara. I try to keep a natural fresh look

T E N N I S    P R A C T I C E

  • Start with clean face a l w a y s. (NO make up on, it will block your pores and will provoke imperfections/acne when sweating)
  • Sunscreen. (If the sun is too intense try to refresh your face with water and put on sunscreen again) *Remember to do this as many times as necessary, sun light this days can lead to serious problems*


  • Make up remover (again, I use coconut oil for mascara removing)
  • Water your face (be careful with water temperature)
  • Coffee exfoliation mix. I use coffee + olive oil (new mix at least every 10 days)
  • Lotion cleanser. I use a natural cleanser with a piece of cotton (this will remove any left overs of dirt in your face that can provoke imperfections during your sleep)
  • Moisturize. I use coconut oil
  • Acne or skin treatment (I usually have one or two pimples so I apply a special vitamin)

Remember this is my routine to look after my skin, make sure you visit a dermatologist if you are looking for a professional and personalize treatment.

What do you guys think?!

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