What, when & why to drink daily

What, when & why to drink daily

Hi everyone,

It is very common to hear that drinking water every day is good for your body and skin.

But we forget or simply we are just not that into water, because admit it, when you start this good habit is not easy because water might seem plain and well...flavorless.

When I started drinking water those were my thoughts exactly, so I want to show you how you can slowly change the habit from 0 glasses of water per day to a complete hydrate day.

One important thing to take notice is to not push yourself, your body knows best, so listen to it. If you feel like is too much water, just start slow and little by little you can achieve the complete quantity.

So let's begin.

T H R O U G H O U T . T H E . D A Y

What? 8 glasses of water or have a water bottle and make yourself to drink it at least twice a day. If it gets hard for you to drink water you can add slices of fruits.

Why? Healthy skin, energy, headache cure, cleansing & kidney health, digestive problems, weight loss, clear bright eyes ... and the list could go on forever, water is GOOD!

E A R L Y . M O R N I N I N G

What? A glass of water with a half lemon juice (start with less than half if feeling is too sour)

Why? Aids digestion, helps you stay hydrated, weight-loss friendly, prevents oxidation, supplies a healthy dose of vitamin C, provides a potassium boost & helps prevent kidney stones.

Why? Increases energy, clear skin, eliminates stress/anxiety, weight loss aid, natural detox, rich in vitamin B+magnesium+organic minerals+chlorophyll and controls hormones and PMS.


What? 2 cups of green tea

Why? Improves brain function, good for your teeth, burns calories, high in antioxidants, reduces bad cholesterol, manages diabetes, has a relaxing + calming effect.

B E F O R E . B E D

What? Here you can go for a glass of water with lemon or chamomile tea.

Why? Chamomile tea is great for treating sleep + stomach troubles, reduces aches + pain, treats anxiety, reduces gas + bloating, treats insomnia.

So there you go, a complete list to keep you hydrated. I would love to know what you do to keep up your good drinking habit.

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