Why looking good helps to feel good

Why looking good helps to feel good

Hi everyone!

When it comes to brands everyone has their own opinions for why they love what they wear. Brands connect in very high levels with their customers, creating a strong bond that can be really hard to break. 

I am the type of person who will spend hours searching until I get what suits my personality. Design, innovation, creativity and eco friendly features are the main factors of evaluation I will do on a product vs my needs. 

My purchase of the week was a tennis bag. I now organised myself to pack what I could need when I go and hit the court. So I wanted for my next purchase a bag that will go with my needs...not too big but yet not too small. 

And found a really cute turquoise, 3R pro size Head bag (I am a huge Djokovic's fan so I love Head).

I believe how you look has a big  impact on how you feel. It is not the same to wear something that you have to rather to something you chose to improve your game. 

Everyone is different and we all want to be notice in our own way, I don't think been a little self center can be bad if it will help your looks, health and/or self-esteem. It is all in our minds, so play that on your side instead of against you. Make yourself proud every time you look yourself in the mirror and if you like, improve and embrace what you see, you will feel better and you will have a happy attitude.

Investing in yourself is the biggest investment you can do in the long term.  

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