How do I save Facebook videos

How do I save Facebook videos

Feb 17, 2021, 12:22:00 PM Opinion

For me, as a digital marketeer - it is a significant thing to save videos right from any social media in seconds with one tool. And what is more important in this process - the quality of the video I'm getting on my device. 

Most of the downloader tools for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., steals the quality so much - that the video that appears on my device after saving does no longer fit any of my goals. 

And what are my goals for saving videos from Facebook?

To post these videos on my social pages. 

I use videos downloaded from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to create valuable content on my social pages as a digital marketeer. I'm a content curator, and I monetize all my social pages (over 13 for now) with advertisers' help, who like to show on my profiles to my followers, who are relevant for them. So I need an unstoppable flow of content that is viral and worthy for all my thousands of social media followers. I'm trying to make every of the post on a high level. So the materials I use (videos from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram mostly) I need to download from the author's page with great attention to a format and quality.

To edit them in the future and create longer videos.

I love to create a kind of journalistic film out of the content I've collected from social media and make a short but cohesive compilation of videos on one topic. I should save each part from the author's pages in the best quality possible to open them and edit in video-making apps.

So how to download Facebook videos on a PC, mobile, or any device with a browser.

I'm always choosing the website route, as it is the simplest one and the most effective. If I only question how to save facebook videos in my mind - I go to the bookmarks on my browser and open the Inflact Facebook downloader. So if you plan to download Facebook videos regularly, this will serve you best. 

Step-by-step instruction of how to save Facebook video

The downloading with an Inflact tool is a seamless and straightforward process. You need to pass these seven steps: 

  1. Right-click on the Facebook video you want to download and choose in the menu "Copy video URL" - this is possible both inside the Facebook app or on the web version of the social media.
  2. Head over to Inflact Facebook downloader in your browser bookmarks.
  3. Paste the link you've got from the Facebook page in the search bar in the center of the Downloader tool. 
  4. After this step, the downloader tool will offer you to choose a folder to save the video on your device.
  5. Choose a folder and click "ok."
  6. After this, the download process will start. It will take an amount of time, totally depending on the length and quality of the video you're downloading, from one second to an hour. 
  7. Voila! - the video in the original quality is on your device. 

You can download Facebook videos on a Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and any possible operating system using this website. I use this video downloader for three years, and I can say that this one is one of the best options for the goal. It supports multiple platforms - I mean, that you can save literally from any device with it - with no registrations, login, and absolutely for free. 

So no matter if you have Windows, Mac, or Linux — it will save any video in any quality option ranging from 240p to 2K.

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