10 Common Misconceptions About Eradicate Pests at Home Call Pest Company

10 Common Misconceptions About Eradicate Pests at Home Call Pest Company


Whether you are home, or you are working in the office, you never want to have to deal with pests. Unfortunately, pests usually are able to exist in many different environments and are problems in large buildings as well as homes. While most people have encounters with pests, there are many misconceptions about eradicating pests in the home. Listed below are the top 10 misconceptions about eradicating pests at home.

1. Once Eliminated, Pests Won’t Come Back

Many people believe that if you hire an exterminator to kill pests, they will never come back. While pest control will certainly help in the short term, pests do come back. In order to survive as a species, many pests reproduce at a high rate. So if the conditions are right and a few survive the initial extermination, they will come back eventually.

2. Pest Damage is Covered By Home Insurance

It is extremely uncommon for a house insurance policy to cover the damage that is covered by pests. Certain pests, such as termites are able to cause an extensive amount of costly repairs since they cause the framework of the house to be compromised. Therefore, most house insurance policies won’t cover pest damage since it is highly unpredictable.

3. The Odor of Pest Control is Unsafe

You can always double check with the pest control company, but the smell isn’t a proper indicator for a negative impact on a person’s health. There are many different options for pest control treatments and some of them are completely organic. If you are going to try and exterminate pests on your own, be sure to read the product label.

4. A Clean House Prevents Pests

While having a clean house will help you be able to see when pests exist, it may not prevent them from trying to enter your home. Some pests enter homes in order to escape extreme heat or cold. Other pests are attracted by certain types of food.

5. A Few Pests Isn’t an Issue

If you see a few cockroaches in your home here and there this may be an issue. Even if you have treated for pests in the past and are only seeing a few now, you will want to address the issue as soon as possible. Pests such as ants or cockroaches may be a sign that there is a food source or environment within your home that they are being drawn to.

6. Pest Control Companies Aren’t Worth It

Sometimes using home remedies will work quite well to get rid of pests and will save you a lot of money. On the other hand, there are times when pest manifestations are extremely bad and you should seek out professional help. Once established, pests can be hard to eradicate completely if you haven’t had experience dealing with them in the past.

7. Natural is Best

As mentioned, some of the newer treatment methods are completely organic. Organic can be an effective solution, but they aren’t a one size fits all. Depending on the type of pest and the environment that they are in, a chemical solution may prove to be more effective.

8. If You Have Pests, Your Neighbors Will Get Them

Just because you have pests in your home doesn’t mean your neighbors will get them. Furthermore, treating pests within your home won’t cause your neighbors to be more likely the get pests. Treating pests within your home will kill the existing pests in your home, but doesn’t cause them to relocate to another person’s residence.

9. More is Better

Using more traps or stronger chemicals isn’t always the solution when it comes to pest control. It is essential that the environment that the pests are thriving in be located. Once you find the source of the infestation, your treatment solution will be much more effective.

10. Once Eliminated, there is No Safety Hazard

One more misconception to mention is that killing off the pests in an area doesn’t cause it to be safe. Pests such as cockroaches and urinate and defecate in the areas where they are dense which can cause disease. Be sure to sanitize the area where the pests were located.


Pests can exist in many different environments and each time they invade a home, a different solution may be necessary. If you are unsure of how to handle the situation, or the infection seems significant, call The Pest Company. Hiring a professional will help to streamline the process in the case of time-sensitive infestations.


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