3 Great Ideas for Garden Windows

Ideas for garden windows

3 Great Ideas for Garden Windows

Jul 21, 2020, 10:35:15 AM Life and Styles

Garden windows are favorite elements of all gardeners and landscapers. One of the many joys of having a garden is the feeling when you look at the colorful roses and the green lawn, that your hard work has paid off. Why not look through garden windows which will be designed specifically for you? Here are some ways you can use these stylish en vogue windows in your house:

#1 A Garden Window in Your Kitchen

As opposed to the widely used traditional sash windows, garden windows, because of how they are made, are bigger and provide better ventilation and lighting. Ventilation is extremely important for a kitchen; what it means is that your kitchen will smell fresh and natural as opposed to smelling like burnt oil and spices. However, better light will also warm your kitchen and give it a nice homely ambience.

The garden window also makes it possible for you to grow plants directly inside your kitchen because they will get ample sunlight and air. The plants will complement your garden’s view and you’ll have the option to show it off to your friends and family.

#2 Renovate Your Living Room

Are you one of the many families that have a stifling living room which your family has deserted because it is too crowded and badly lit? Garden Windows can give a new life to your living room. As well as a new source of light and air, bringing your garden to the foreground. Garden windows will make your living room appear more colorful and comfortable. It will turn it into a place where you and your family can gather and bond.

#3 Bedroom

Are you ready to make your bedroom look different? A bedroom with a garden window will make it look sophisticated and nostalgic, and you’ll feel calm and serene.

Not only aesthetically and psychologically have confirmed this state of mind, but numerous studies have also suggested that bedroom plants will help you sleep better and longer.

Disadvantages of Garden Windows

While garden windows have a wide range of undeniable advantages, they’re not suitable for every situation and come with some drawbacks, among them:

Garden Windows aren’t Suitable for Extreme Weathers

Because of their eccentric shape, garden windows are particularly prone to water and air leakage. They are made for moderate climates, and they are more expensive to maintain and they break down more in extreme climates. If you decide to install a garden window in your kitchen in an extremely cold location, you may have a freezing an inhabitable kitchen during the winter.

Increased Electricity Bills

Some window types can be easily insulated and will keep your house warm and won’t let any heat escape - this type isn’t one of those windows. They are excessively hard and expensive to insulate. Usually, you have to pay 15-20% more for the electricity because of how much heat your house loses.

More Expensive

You can surf the internet and product review sites to find cheap garden windows.

Garden windows use more material to produce and require more manpower to install. If you are looking for a way to renovate your house on a tight budget, garden windows aren’t your best option.

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