3 Tips For A Unique Party Bus Ride To A Concert

3 Tips For A Unique Party Bus Ride To A Concert

Apr 5, 2019, 10:51:48 AM Life and Styles

Renting a party bus is usually the preferred option of transportation for bachelorette and bachelor parties, weddings as well as several other festive events and concerts. It also happens to be a fantastic way of safely transporting employees, friends or family to and from concerts and events. However, before going ahead and hiring one there are several things you need to consider before parting ways with your money. Focusing on the few tips we're going to highlight in this article will help you ensure a wonderful, enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Besides, if you're going to hire a party bus, then you better do it right, isn't it? The bottom line should all be about having as much fun as possible. Anyway, hereinbelow are 3 tips for a unique party bus ride to a concert. Let's take a look, shall we?

1. Choosing The Right Vehicle

Picking the right vehicle is the first step in determining whether you'll have a quality party bus rental experience. Your party bus should basically be just that, a party. And, just like any party, you'll need to know the number of people you expect to attend. This happens to be very important because you do not want a scenario where you intend on renting a twenty passenger vehicle when you're probably going to have thirty people using it. On the other hand, you wouldn't want a thirty passenger bus when you're only going to have eighteen passengers on it. Determine your headcount before choosing a bus.

2. Understand The Rental Prices

Each party bus company usually has its own fee breakdown/structure, be it a flat or hourly rate. What this means is that party bus hiring prices vary. Ensure you understand all the surcharges contained in each package. Some of these include fuel as well as any other associated costs. The average cost of a standard six passenger limo is normally around sixty to one hundred dollars an hour. Party buses usually cost considerably more. The average party bus cost to rent is around one hundred to three hundred dollars an hour. But, some companies sometimes will provide multi-hour package options for special events and concerts. They can also sometimes lower the hourly rate for those people that hire the vehicle for several hours.

3. Refreshments And Snacks Are A Must

If the party bus you're renting out is for a group of adults, then adult beverages will most likely be consumed on that trip. However, you need to understand that some states, the likes of Pennsylvania and such, do not allow for the Transportation Company involved to provide alcoholic beverages. So, ensure that you have an idea of the drinks you want to serve your guests and carry with you a cooler or two. Also, people tend to get hungry fast on such trips. Provide some light snacks for your guests as the party goes on. This will go a long way in ensuring a unique experience.

Renting a party bus to a concert really doesn't have to be that difficult to do, especially if you have an idea of what you need to accomplish. Booking well in advance is always a good idea and it allows you time to properly plan the whole trip. Finally, party buses happen to be loads of fun because it means that the party doesn't have to necessarily start once you reach the destination. The party starts at your doorstep once you enter the bus. How cool is that?


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