5 Sports Cars That Are Worth the Investment

5 Sports Cars That Are Worth the Investment

May 5, 2019, 12:37:34 PM Life and Styles

Most of the manufactures consider performance vehicles as a casting glow when it comes to their brand. Even the most famous, Henry Ford, made it a religious task to prove that his car could perform by driving it himself. Even today, boundaries are being pushed when performance is concerned and engineers along with designers are inspired by them.

Moreover, the main motto behind a sports car is to drive a car, which is fast and both fun at the same time. Whether it is a roadster, a sedan or a crossover, they all deserve consideration. We all know how tempting it is to drive a sports car, and most of us are very eager to do so. Although some of the cars can be very hefty on the budget, they are worth the investment. Compared to the price range you are shopping on, currently.

2016 BMW M2

Price: $51,700

BMW comes under the category of those race cars that can be driven on a daily basis and you do not necessarily have to be a race car driver to own one. It is the point of entrance for M, which has great balance and a beautifully impacted coupe. A steering that is crisp and a power to weight ratio that is eye catching. However, the M3 is the icon, but the M2 is the lighter version, which is meant to overcome all the desires and costs at least ten thousand dollars less. It is great for the money.

2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

Price: $47,795

Ford was made by Mustang and Late Shelby; whose spirit is still among us in the form of GT350. Ford’s engineers made sure that they incorporate every part of the already capable mustang into this vehicle. Making it worthy of high performance and taking advantage of this rear suspension, which categorizes it as the best handling pony car ever. Although it is not a car worth being driven every day. It is very hectic.

2017 Jaguar F-Type

Price: $61,400

The British exhaust, which only exists in a Jaguar, just a button away on the console, it promises excitement and standard delivery when it comes to the motoring.it has a great handling and a perfect standard rear-wheel drive as well. Moreover, you get an interior that is exquisite at a price which is pretty reasonable for a sports car.

2016 Volkswagen Golf R

Price: $35,650

The great Golf R comes in the same line up as the GTI from 1976. It outgrows the front wheel drive of the GT and enables the drivers to unleash their inner monster with the four motion all wheel driver and the four-cylinder engine.

Porsche Cayman

Price: $42,897

The latest Porsche Cayman gives a new name and has a naturally aspirated six cylinder motor. The turbocharged flat-four, which is two liters for the basic and 2.5 for the S and GTS. Moreover, it is also a cheaper option for all those who want to get a sports car under a budget.


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