7 Daily Ways to Protect Your Teeth

7 Daily Ways to Protect Your Teeth

Jan 3, 2019, 2:36:31 AM Life and Styles

If you want to judge someone, check their smile as the welcoming show to white pear makes a great impression.  Teeth are a vital part of life as they represent our personality so one should pay extra tension. Tooth decay and gum disease can be easily prevented by just adding some healthy habits to our daily routine.

The good news? The below mentioned are some easy and simple step to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

1. Brush twice a day, at least for two minutes

Always brush your teeth twice a day as this helps your teeth to keep in top form. Brushing the teeth and tongue with a soft bristle brush and fluoride paste make your mouth clean and wash away the food and bacteria. Apart from cleaning the mouth brushing also wash away the harmful particles which cause the cavities.  

It is not possible to brush the teeth after every meal but now you can go for the disposable mini-toothbrushes which are “pre-pasted” so you don’t need to carry any separate toothpaste tube.

2. A morning brush fights morning breath

In morning mouth is warm and wet, it's filled with the bacteria and the food particle which causes cavities and lead to the deposition of Plaque. Plaque causes hardness in the teeth and irritates the gum or may sometimes cause breathing problems. So it mandatory to brush in the morning as it prevents harmful diseases.

3. Never overbrush your teeth

Brushing teeth more than twice a day and longer than four minutes wear out the enamel layer of the teeth. Enamel layer protects our teeth and the absence of this layer leads to the nerve ending.  According to the survey of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 20% of adults experienced pain and sensitivity in their teeth. On an average one should brush their teeth twice the day for two minutes only.

4. Skip the sugar

Sugary and spicy foods cause a reaction in the mouth and lead to the tooth decay. Sugar reacts with the bacteria present in the saliva and form acid, this acid erodes the protective layer of the teeth and enamel. If you are very fond of sugar then you must add antibacterial mouthwash in your daily routine, as this helps you to prevent the harmful effects caused by the bacterial infection.

5. Stay away from soda

The campaign conducted by the Minnesota Dental Association “Sip All Day, Get Decay” to educate the people about the dangers of soft drinks.  The acid present in soda attack the teeth which erode the structure of the tooth and eliminate the enamel which causes staining and cavities in the teeth. To avoid this tooth decay one should limit the use of soda and adopt the oral hygienic habit for the teeth care.

Avoid the use of soda instead of that one must prefer plain or flavored water and unsweetened tea or coffee as they keep teeth and gum health and increase the saliva protection.  

6. Visit the dentist every six months

Along with the regular cleaning, it is also important to visit the dentist twice a year for the regular checkup and cleaning.  Never skip the appointment as the dentist are expert in diagnosing the hidden cavities. Feel free to use the recommended toothpaste by the dentist. I personally was recommended the mi paste toothpaste and it turned out to be very useful.

7. Floss daily

Brushing is incomplete without flossing. Floss help to clean the crevices where the brush bristle cannot reach so it is very necessary to clean the mouth. At this small spot, the plague gets deposited and result in tooth decay and gum problem. One should add antibacterial mouthwash in their daily routine to prevent these problems.

If you find traditional floss difficult then you can go for pre-flossed as you can keep that in your purse or desk for daily use during the day.

8. Stick to tooth-healthy foods

Diet plays a very crucial role in oral health. Always avoid the food which gets stuck in the teeth. Avoid the sugary and spicy food as they cause gum problems instead of these ones should opt the fresh vegetable. Fresh vegetable remineralize tooth enamel and increases saliva flow. One should floss after having the food.


Hope you liked all the tips. These may feel as very simple ways but most of times people ignore these ways.


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