7 Sleeper Sofa Beds To Choose For Your Tiny House

7 Sleeper Sofa Beds To Choose For Your Tiny House

Ultimately, whenever furnishing our home, we need to decide between utility and space. Because of this, there is a plethora of combination items of furniture out there to help you get the most out of every single square inch of your home. Stools that double as storage, tables with extra spaces, and of course sofas that double as beds.

These sofa beds are perfect for people who want to have a spare bed for visitors, but don’t have a physical spare bedroom. Usually it takes no more than five minutes to go from couch to bed complete with blankets and pillows, thanks to these wonderful additions to your home. By day, they’re a great place to watch TV and unwind, but by night they are as comfy as any bed out there. Having to maintain an entire guest bedroom isn’t something everyone wants to do, so having the option to quickly make a bed out of a sofa is extremely attractive to many homeowners.

Not sure which ones to pick? Here’s some of the most noteworthy ones currently available:

Cassius Deluxe Excess Lounger

For those with a taste for opulence and luxury, this sofa bed is the cream of the crop. What is usually the backrest of the sofa can be folded down to make a bed area that’s 155cm x 200cm, firmly placing it in the running to be the best sleeper sofa. Large enough for most people and with a 10 inch pocket spring mattress you might even find yourself sleeping on it when you don’t want to go all the way to the bedroom. Out of all of the sofas on this list, I’d say without a doubt that this is the most high end option available.

Unfurl Lounger Sofa

Another luxurious option is the Unfurl Lounger Sofa. The back makes use of a click-clack system that allows you to choose whether it is a sofa, lounger, or a bed. The bed size is 140cm x 200cm and it comes in a beautifully textured darker green color. There are no arms on this bed so if you do have someone over who is unseemly large they’ll be able to make do without the sofa getting in the way. Inside the lounger itself is a pocket spring mattress design to help support the weight of a human being and bring a full night’s rest. The two included cushions make for excellent pillows come time for sleep and there’s more than enough space to comfortably sleep two people.

Zeal Deluxe Daybed

A much more personal option, the Zeal Deluxe Daybed is a much less wide sofa bed with a more minimalist feel. The mattress itself is 7’’ thick with pocket springs covered by a soft foam layer for ultimate comfort. The backrest is completely removable and the lounger itself hardly takes up any space. What’s wonderful about this sleeper sofa is that both ends can be moved upwards to make an elevated area for either your head or feet. It’s perfect for sleeping a single person extremely comfortably without taking up too much room.

Recast Sofa

Those with a penchant for buttons will love the Recast sofa as it comes with plenty. It is another semi-full size sofa bed that has a sleeping area of 140cm x 200cm. The soft fabric and pocket mattress make this an extremely comfortable sofa bed with lots going for it. With wooden legs and deep, powerful colors to choose from, this beautiful bed makes for a wonderful addition to just about any living room. It is extremely sturdy and doesn’t shift with your body no matter how much you toss and turn.

Frode Sofa

If you’re looking for the smallest, most minimalist sleeper sofa out there that can still sleep two people, the Frode is exactly what you want. It is one of the softest sofas on this list and also one of the easiest to move around. This is a sofa bed that isn’t trying to be anything other than exactly what it is, a stellar choice for those looking for comfort and style without any unnecessary bells and whistles. With cushions that are large and irresistibly plush, you’ll have friends who want to come by just to take a nap.

Filuca Sofa Bed

When in the market for a more rounded option, the Filuca sofa bed has no harsh corners and definitely no harsh fabrics. It is unique among sofa beds in that a twin bed arrangement as opposed to a double bed arrangement, making it fantastic if you have two guests sleeping over that like their space. A single bed is 80cm wide and that number doubles if they are placed side by side, with both pieces being 200cm long. It is ideal if you often deal with fickle guests that need lots of personal accommodation: it is very much a crowd pleaser.

Aslak Sofa Bed

Customizability is the name of the game when it comes to the Aslak. When folded down, there is the option for head elevation for a much more comfortable sleeping experience. Included with the sofa are two small pillows that work great for sleeping or as makeshift armrests when in sofa configuration. The head elevation has four different steps to it so just about every preference is represented. Measurements for this bed are 120cm x 200cm, making it a very compact option. It is moderately thick with enough softness to make it comfortable, but it will not seem like you are sinking into the piece itself.

Many different design philosophies are represented among these beds. Some people want something that’ll get the job done while others prefer lots of different options and features. What’s truly wonderful about the sofa beds on this list is that they don’t sacrifice the functionality of one for the functionality of another. What I mean by that is that they are all excellent sofas and beds on their own. Should you find yourself constantly wanting to host guests, but don’t have a proper place for them to stay, consider picking up one of these sofas so you can be the host you always wanted to be.


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