8 Tips for Making Professional-Looking Videos for Your Business

8 Tips for Making Professional-Looking Videos for Your Business

Dec 14, 2018, 11:10:54 AM Business

Do you know an average individual usually spends more time watching videos online than looking at the images or reading the text? According to research carried out in 2016, 73% of all online traffic are of those who watch a video. Well, this figure continues to grow every year. Certainly, video touch creates a personal touch to your marketing campaign.

For any growing business, video marketing is quite beneficial. It means it plays a significant role interacting with your target audience, along with growing your brand. If you are looking to create a video then Renderforest is the right website maker tool available for you. It easily helps you to add video to your website and make it looks professional.

Here are the 8 tips you should consider while making professional looking videos for your business.

#Tip 1: Take care of the Introduction Part

After clicking on the website, one-Fifth of the viewers click on the video within 10 seconds, if they are bored of it. Therefore, the introduction of the video plays a crucial role. It should be entertaining, inspiring and informative. It should be something that hooks the viewer and encourages them to see the entire video.

In the introduction part, another important thing to take care is “The title of the video.” Well, it should be stimulating. It should be enough catchy to grab the attention of the viewer. Even when you use relevant keywords in the title, chances are – your video is likely to show up on the search engines when viewers look for the same topic.

Make sure your marketing video is less focused on product or service and mainly focused on the mission. For instance, Dove. This company creates emotional viral videos that focus more on their actual mission, rather than the shampoo, soap and other products they create.

Tip 2: Tell a story

A good story is a combination of – An introduction, conflict, climax and a resolution. If any of these parts are missing, chances are, you will smash up your marketing video for no apparent reason. You can even read content on My Trending Stories that convey all information about it.

If you are more a storyteller, you can keep the series of your video cohesive by reusing clips. Help your watchers to remember the product benefits you investigated keep going time, and expand on the story you've just told. Simply make certain to store your edited video someplace safe—the cloud is your most solid option—so you don't need to rehash all your diligent work each time you make another video.      

Make sure at the end of the video, your viewer has something to do. At the end of the video, make sure there must be a call-to-action. Give opportunities to your viewers to become your customers and subscribe.

Tip 3: Avoid Blending in with the REST

Remember boring videos are not going to take you anywhere. Nobody remembers, share, or buys from your company if you have a boring video. So, while making a professional looking video, make sure it is fun or make people interested to explore your product or service. Take time to think about videos you remember, especially when it comes to your marketing campaign. Don’t blend everything and makes it confusing for the people. Make sure people are having fun and understand your business while watching your videos. If they understand and enjoy your video, chances are – They will share and like it.

Tip 4: Hire a professional to Film it

If you want to create a highly professional looking video for your business, then hire a professional to film it. Remember, video production is not as easy as it seems. It requires extensive experience, professional equipment and quality resources to provide a good professional video. So, whether you need an explainer video, infographic video, training video, corporate video or event video, a quality video production is very important. It helps to communicate with your clients, community, business partners and employees. Professional video production is an area that can create a lasting impression of any business.

Tip 5: Understand the Rules of Thirds

Wondering what is rules of thirds? Well, this is the most basic principle of video production. This rule uses two equally spaced horizontal lines and vertical lines in order to break the frame into 9 parts. In short, this states that you should divide the frame psychologically, both horizontally and vertically. When shooting a video as per this rule, place your key subject elements to those specific lines. Usually, in Hollywood movies, they use this composition more often. This rule actually creates a balance in the frame and a perfect tool for storytelling.

Tip 6: Preparing the content

So, you are all prepared to create a professional looking video. Right? But did you think about the content to add in? If not, then do your homework first. Prepare your content by writing on the whiteboard or on a diary. Hang it a little higher than the camera placed on the tripod. Cover all the intended points in the perfect order. You can also use flip charts that have sticky backgrounds, put them simply as the cue cards on the wall behind a camera.

Tip 7: Keep it Short

If you want your video to be impactful, keep it short and to the point. According to TheNext Web, there are two things on which your audience will determine if they want to watch your video or not and that is – your thumbnail and the length. The most impactful video should be between 2-3 minutes long. In case, the length is more than 3 minutes, front load it with the crucial information.

Tip 8: Use a Clean Background

When filming a professional looking video for your business, make sure the background is clean. Rather than a messy or distracting background, use a clean and solid-coloured wall. If your background is not clean, you can use a bedsheet or a large sheet backdrop paper. Make certain that your subject is several feet away from the backdrop in order to avoid casting shadows on it. Shoot a video in a “Professional environment.’

Wrapping the post

If you don’t have any professional skills, and looking to create an exceptional video, then feel free to use Renderforest video making tool. This easy to use and affordable video making tool will help you to create professional and high quality videos in a few minutes. Just follow simple steps and create a promotional video that takes your business to the next level.


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