Attend an Educational Localization Conference and Event

Attend an Educational Localization Conference and Event

By attending an educational and enlightening localization conference and event, you can gain valuable insight into the localization industry as a whole, and even make useful contacts and leads to help your brand succeed in different markets around the globe. 

Every year, there are more and more advances made in all facets of the localization industry. But keeping up on all these advances shouldn't be left up to the localization agency you've chosen as a partner. It’s a brand manager’s responsibility to keep up on all the facets of every industry that can help their products and services succeed in every marketplace they’ve entered. 

Localization is just one facet of a brand’s success. Packaging, pricing, advertising, marketing and corporate image all go hand in hand with localization to contribute to a unified effort to make your products and services compete and ultimately win over your target audience. 

Immerse Yourself in Localization

Shouldn’t you be as knowledgable about localization as you are about the other facets of business? The localization industry is large and somewhat complex in scope. Still, putting aside a couple of days a year to perform a deep dive by attending a localization conference and event can reveal some extremely valuable facets of the localization industry, of which you may not even be aware. 

These conferences and events generally consist of seminars, workshops and networking events that enable you to learn all the facets of the localization industry and explore those facets would be the most valuable to your brand.

If your brand is exploring your options in expanding into new markets, attending one of these localization conferences and events is an excellent place to start. You'll need to partner with a localization agency to successfully your brand into a foreign market, and these events will be a gathering point for representatives for all the major localization agencies across the globe. 

You’ll be able to rub shoulders with these representatives and pick their brains. You’ll also be able to create a list of potential localization agency candidates of each region in the world that will be valuable if you decide to launch your brand into those respective markets. 

Learn About Machine Translation

More and more brands are turning to the internet to set up sales and marketing channels. The concept of machine learning has gained traction in the localization industry as an increasingly viable method of communicating with foreign customers in many different languages. 

If your brand has established itself as one with a thriving e-commerce business model, you owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can about the concept of machine translation and how it can increase your conversions and sales.

Be Aware of Every Facet of the Localization Industry

For your brand to attain the reach and status of being known as a global brand, you, as a brand manager, need to know as much as possible about the localization industry. A localization conference and event provides you with a head start, multiple contacts and is the first place you should start your education into the industry.    


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