Discover Secrets Behind Logos of Top Smartphone Brands

Discover Secrets Behind Logos of Top Smartphone Brands

Jul 4, 2019, 1:10:21 PM Business

We’ve placed the brands according to the market share estimate based on a 2019 TrendForce report.

Samsung (market share estimate – 20,4%)

While this one has been almost the same since 1980, it still looks modern enough. One of the main reasons why the company sticks to this logo is its heritage and popularity. Changing the emblem could have unexpected results and would mean too much risk. Anyway, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Apple (15,1%)

Apple had to blow up our imagination to win its market share from more reputable companies. The bitten apple logo was developed in 1998 but was taken down in 2000. 

In 2014, when it was re-established, the forbidden fruit had to face an overwhelming competition, unlike Samsung, which began to rise as an international corporation in the 1990s. 

The mission has been successful – the apple will still be featured on the new the iPhone 11 Pro.

Huawei (13,7%)

The flower-shaped logo metaphorically represents the name of the company. In Mandarin, the “Hua” syllable can mean “petals” (as well as “lavish” and “luxurious,” which is also beneficial for the brand). Also, this logo is sleek enough, friendly, and memorable. 

It looks pretty similar to the logo of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), though, where the “petals” turn into the feathers of the peacock’s tail. 

Xiaomi (8,3%)

The minimalistic elegance of this emblem puts it to the level of the most popular logos of the world. It’s not just “Mi,” it’s a unique and easy-to-remember shape. While it takes more than just a logo to carry out a "Mission Impossible," this logo was of some help.

Oppo (7.9%)

While formally, it’s a merely typographical logo, it has a pronounced pictorial quality to it. The letters form a clear symmetrical pattern, which makes the logo stick in your mind.

Vivo (7,1)

The Vivo emblem also is more just a wordmark. Although it doesn’t have the symmetry of the Oppo logo, there’s still a visual rhythm created by the two “v’s.”

A good logo can’t make a brand popular. But it can help. As we’ve seen from the list above, each of the brands possesses a memorable and distinctive logotype.


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