Mens’ shoes as their signature expression of style

Mens’ shoes as their signature expression of style

Jun 22, 2019, 9:41:40 PM Life and Styles

When it comes to fashion, it is fair to say that women get far more options and creative license than men do. Fashion is of course about creative expression, and with the sheer volume of options on offer for women it is not at all difficult to be the only one in the room wearing a specific dress or jacket. For men, however, there is a lot of the same (for the most part, that is). Mens' fashion is still creatively driven, but there are not nearly as many style options for men as there are for women. While there are just as many fashion houses targeted towards the male demographic, the offerings can all look somewhat similar (again, for the most part). But shoes are where there is often the most creative flare, where men get the most bang for their buck.

Shoes are made for more than just walking

Women often express their style and personal tastes through their hair, make-up, clothes, and their shoes. For men, a lot of who they are and what they care about shines through in their shoe choices. For the sporty guy, Nike runners or Air Jordans showcase their active lifestyle. The guy that works with his hands wears work boots throughout the week to protect his feet on the job. For the business-driven go-getter, it is all about the boots or the black leather business shoes. And the laid-back guy wears Vans or Converse. On and on the list goes. Shoes are a massive indication of who a man is, so they often invest in their footwear – perhaps even more so than they do in their other clothing.

Shoes as the window to the soul

Similar to how men use mens adult toys to be creative and express their sexuality, or how they use their career to project and evolve their professional goals forward, men use their shoes as their key fashion staple to express their personal style. In a man’s shoes often lies the essence of who that person is, who they most like to identify themselves as, what makes them the most comfortable. Women often choose shoes that look the best, whereas men choose shoes that feel the best. In a shoe, a man can decide how he wants to walk through life, while also effectively projecting who he wants to be in life. You can tell a lot about a man and who he is, how he sees himself, and even what he does for a living, from the shoes on his feet.

Shoes as the staple piece in mens’ wardrobes

When men put on a great pair of shoes, they feel more in control of how the world sees them. Whereas a great jacket or a stellar pair of heels are often the staples in a woman’s wardrobes, the shoes are what make the outfits in a man’s wardrobe. The shoes oftentimes control the essence of the entire outfit. As the staple fashion items in mens’ wardrobes, shoes are the most important contributors to mens’ fashion there is.


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