Rent an Apartment Near an International School in Sathorn

Rent an Apartment Near an International School in Sathorn

May 5, 2020, 10:56:08 AM Life and Styles

Relocating from an overseas country to Bangkok can be a trial for your entire family. You want to make as easy on your children as possible by renting an apartment near an international school in Sathorn.

If you're an employee of a multinational company with a branch in Thailand, the odds are that the branch will be located in the Sathorn area of Bangkok. The Sathorn area is the main financial and business district of the city. 

It also offers residential spacious residential apartment buildings, hospitals, shopping centers, efficient public rapid transit systems, and quality international schools. It’s the perfect place to set up your home away from home for the duration of your stay overseas in Thailand. 

You’ll soon see why renting an apartment near an international school in Sathorn makes sense. Bangkok may have easy and quick rapid transit systems, but if you have to access a facility by using the roads and streets of the city, it can be challenging at certain times of the day. 

Be There for Your Children

Your children certainly didn’t ask to be uprooted from their homes and be taken halfway around the world. They deserve a lot of support in going with the flow for the sake of the family. They need all the support you can give them in their new life in Bangkok as they get acquainted with new friends and new surroundings. 

By renting an apartment near an international school in Sathorn, you can become involved in their lives. You can attend their performances and sporting events, have consultations with their teachers, and show up whenever they need you. Living close to their school also means that you worry less about them commuting. 

Although Bangkok is a generally safe city, every parent worries about their children going out in an unfamiliar environment. By walking with them until they get used to the short commute, you’ll help them gain the confidence to commute by themselves, or the convenience of picking them up at school whenever you desire. 

Spacious Apartments in Sathorn

Living in the Sathorn area of Bangkok has its perks besides being close to quality international schools. The spaciousness and quality of the apartments in Sathorn is likely to please you as well. These are upscale walled communities that all feature 24-hour security, swimming pools, fitness centers and lush gardens where your children can play in safety after school and on the weekends. They offer restaurants, convenience stores and cafes right on the grounds.

The apartments themselves feature two and three bedrooms, with completely modern kitchens, expansive living rooms and wide balconies offering panoramic views of the city. They also offer serviced apartments where all the cleaning chores are handled by professional maids that clean and replace linens and towels every week. 

Life in Sathorn can be exciting and fun for your children, especially when you enjoy the convenience of an apartment near an international school in Sathorn.   


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