Well Paid Graduate Careers You Never Thought Of

Well Paid Graduate Careers You Never Thought Of

Feb 12, 2019, 12:55:29 PM Business

Gambling has been a debatable industry in South Africa for quite some time. First of all, there are still some doubts about which type of gambling is considered legal, and which type is against the law. What is more, online gambling has entered the market, too. Still, the country’s gambling revenues are expected to reach R 30 billion in 2019, and that speaks volumes about employment options.

The rapid growth of both online and land-based casino gaming becoming part of our daily lives means that the demand for properly trained casino professionals and the support staff is increasing. For this reason, you might want to consider a career in the growing industry. If you are not certain of the route to take, here are some of the graduate careers in the gambling industry you can choose.

Game developer

Without game developers, online gaming would simply not exist. The work of game developers involves editing, producing, designing, programming, and quality assurance. However, technical knowledge alone is not quality enough to become a good game developer. The area requires a lot of creativity, too, if you are to be the best.

If you have a degree in computer design and/or programming and are quite imaginative, you should definitely consider this profession. On average, game developers in South Africa can make around R25,000 per month. It should also be noted that if you’re proficient in what you do, there is always a possibility of outsourcing and working for an employer beyond the country borders.

Security analyst

Security analysts continuously monitor gambling sites to identify potential threats or breaches. They update the software and systems to prevent cyber-attacks, which comprises a variety of operations. Basically, you should possess some experience with firewalls and antiviruses, securing electronic data transmission, detecting early signs of cyber-attacks, and so on. One of the biggest challenges lies in the fact that this is an ever-changing environment – it’s a never-ending battle between cybersecurity and new ways of undermining it. Nevertheless, one of the best things about this career is the fact that you can expect promotions fairly soon, so the career progression is fast.

To be a security analyst, you will need a degree in cyber-security, computer sciences or information technology. As for the security analyst salary, it is said to be R 39 455 per month.


Casino-resort or hotel concierges work is to greet guests, give directions, make reservations and deal with any property issue – they also take part in the gaming operations. They also play an important role during special events, such as the upcoming Big Africa Supershow 2019, (as stated by OnlineCasinosOnline) on March 23rd-26th in Johannesburg. Eventus International said that the expo would bring together industry providers, operators, South African gambling regulators, key government officials, and industry advisors. The average salary of a concierge stands at $50,000.

Pit Boss

A Pit Boss ensures that every player is gaming responsibly and therefore they have to continuously look out for individuals with a gambling addiction. They might also work to recognize the regular visitors to a casino and to support the casino managers and croupiers when they think that a person is gambling beyond their means or chasing losses with erratic behaviour. A pit boss has full control over gambling in a casino – the job involves controlling, supporting and even excluding visitors if necessary.

Moreover, a pit boss is responsible for their colleagues working in the casino. Their job is to supervise the employees, as well as to create work schedules and control the payroll for all the workers they are in charge of.

The average salary of a pit boss, aka casino pit manager or a gaming supervisor, is around R 336,720 a year. True, a bachelor’s degree isn’t necessary, but those who possess a degree in management are definitely a few steps ahead of the other job applicants and will have a much easier time handling the issues.

With new laws and bills being introduced every now and then, we can only deduce that the South African gambling industry is definitely making progress. The steps are being taken to regulate both online and land casinos in hope of greater revenues, which appear to be fairly certain. Therefore, if you have been thinking about the safest industry in economic terms, it appears the gambling industry will be offering excellent career opportunities in the years to come.

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