Why type of accidents do attorneys cover?

Why type of accidents do attorneys cover?

Jun 5, 2019, 10:17:51 AM Business

Personal injury attorneys cover a wide range of accidents, as well as various other incidents such as reputation damage due to libel or slander, but here we focus on incidents which have primarily involved physical injury – along with any emotional distress connected to them.

Anyone who has suffered in an accident which was not their fault, caused instead by the negligence of another party, (whether an individual, an organization, or a body such as a local governing body), may be eligible to pursue a personal injury claim, and if successful be awarded financial compensation to cover any costs and suffering incurred as a result.

While it is technically possible for someone to pursue such a claim under their own steam very few can expect a successful outcome. In some cases a paltry payout may be offered simply to make someone who is a little more persistent go away, but few individuals are able to take their case to court and win. They simply lack the resources and expertise to do this properly, which is why the services of a good personal injury attorney are so vital after a no-fault accident.

Here we look in some detail at some of the types of accidents personal injury attorneys deal with.

Automobile accident cases


Auto accidents probably make up the biggest percentage of personal injury accident claims, but they come from a variety of different angles. Accident claims may be made by:

·         The driver and/or passenger(s) involved in an accident which was caused entirely by another party. Examples of this include when another driver caused an accident through their incompetence, distraction (e.g. due to using a mobile phone), or while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

·         The passenger(s) of a car where the car driver has been negligent

·         Pedestrians. Those who are injured by a car through no fault of their own. This could involve someone crossing the road (with signalled right of way), or struck by a car which emerged from a driveway at speed.

And these accidents may be blamed on:

·         The manufacturer. In these cases the accident could have been caused by a fault in the vehicle which the driver/owner couldn’t be aware of as it can be traced to a fault during assembly.

·         Local service providers. Often blamed for accidents caused by unrepaired road damage and the like.

·         A negligent driver in any of the vehicles involved.

Typical personal injury car accident claims

People are generally looking to get financial recompense to cover medical bills run up as a result of the accident, to cover the cost of future care if needed, and to cover the lost income of a person who was either unable to work for a period of time afterwards, or to provide for the dependants of someone who has sadly died as a result of the accident.


Car accidents are bad enough, but truck accidents are so much more likely to be lethal simply due to their size and weight. Accident claims involving trucks may involve:

·         The driver and or passenger(s) of the truck when an accident is caused by another driver.

·         The passenger(s) of a truck where the truck driver has been negligent.

·         Pedestrians who are affected by the accident in some way

A truck accident may be caused by:

·         the driver being impaired by alcohol, drugs, or tiredness, or by being distracted/not concentrating.

·         Another driver who makes a mistake.

·         Some  aspect of vehicle failure


Like cyclists, motorcyclists are very vulnerable on the streets, and unfortunately, they are at risk of being more seriously hurt or even killed than both car and truck drivers are.

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by other road users being negligent in terms of not paying enough attention to other road users. Personal injury claims made by motorcycle accident victims tend to before larger amounts than usual as they are more likely to have a lot of medical treatment, and the bills that come with that.

Accidents involving defective products

When a consumer purchases an item they do so under the assumption that it is safe to wear/eat/use as appropriate, and is, in legal terms, fit for purpose.  However, there are times when this is not the case and the customer experiences an accident as a direct result of the product failing in some way.

Some typical examples of accidents caused by defective products include:

·         A fall from a ladder which had defective rungs unable to support the specified body weight limit.

·         Electric shocks from machinery which has been wired incorrectly.

·         Car accidents caused by a fault in the model which has been present since manufacture – such as brakes which are not adequate, or an airbag which fails to inflate.

Accidents involving trips and slips in public spaces

Most people assume that they can go about their daily life without having to worry about falling over an obstacle or similar in a place you wouldn’t expect such things to be. It’s reasonable to expect others will make at least a basic effort to keep others safe, but there are times when good intentions simply aren’t good enough.

Personal injury attorneys are often asked to help with cases where the person making the claim has experienced something like:

·         Tripping on a sidewalk which is damaged.

·         Slipping on a floor which should not be wet, or should have had adequate warnings to alert passersby.

·         Loose carpeting in a store or other public building.

·         Inadequate lighting in a place where lighting is provided by default (such as staircases in public buildings).

A good accident attorney can help you with your personal injury accident claim, so make sure you see advice as soon as possible after the incident. This also applies to medical advice, which should never be delayed. If there is the opportunity it is helpful if someone collects photographic evidence of the incident and the contact details of any possible witnesses.


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