Countertop Wash Basin Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Countertop Wash Basin Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Aug 29, 2023, 2:40:57 AM Life and Styles

Size might be a limitation, but style and comfort? Those are non-negotiable.


If your bathroom is more cosy than spacious, this guide is for you. Below, we tackle space-saving countertop wash basin ideas, your ticket to a bathroom that's big on smart design, even when square footage isn't on your side. 


Corner Magic: Utilising Unused Nooks

Installing a corner countertop wash basin is one of the best ways to optimise space. These basins fit snugly into corners, making use of otherwise wasted areas.


Imagine a sleek, modern basin mounted gracefully in the corner, leaving ample room for other bathroom essentials. This ingenious solution not only saves space but also adds an element of intrigue to your bathroom's design.


Petite Elegance: Compact Circular Basins

Circular countertop wash basins are a marvel in small bathrooms. The symmetrical shape takes up minimal space while exuding elegance. 


Consider a compact circular basin atop a floating vanity. This design opens the floor space, giving the illusion of a larger bathroom. Plus, there are no sharp corners to navigate around!


Wall-Mounted Wonders: Floating Vanity Basins

Incorporating a wall-mounted vanity basin is a game-changer for petite bathrooms. These vanities create the illusion of space by exposing the floor beneath, and the countertop basin adds a touch of sophistication.


Picture a sleek wooden vanity with an integrated basin, complemented by open shelving for storage. This design maximises functionality without overwhelming the area.


Slim Profile Splendour: Rectangular Basins

Rectangular countertop wash basins are a minimalist's dream. Their slim profiles provide a generous washing area while keeping the counter clutter-free.


Go for a floating rectangular basin paired with a mirrored cabinet above. This design choice visually expands the space while offering practical storage for toiletries.


Dual Purpose Delight: Countertop Basin with Built-In Storage

If you seek the perfect blend of functionality and style, a countertop basin with built-in storage is your answer. These basins feature integrated cabinets or drawers beneath, offering discreet space for towels, cleaning supplies, or spare toilet paper. This dual-purpose design optimises space while adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom.


Vertical Virtuosity: Tall Countertop Basins

Vertical space often remains underutilised in small bathrooms. Enter the tall countertop basin! These basins feature heightened walls, creating a unique visual appeal.


Imagine a slender, tall basin sitting atop a compact vanity with a sleek faucet that complements the overall design. This arrangement saves horizontal space and draws the eye upward, creating an illusion of greater height.


Where to Buy Countertop Wash Basins?

You can find a countertop wash basin from various sources, ensuring you have options that suit your preferences. Home improvement stores offer a range of choices, while bathroom speciality stores provide a focused selection.


Online retailers offer convenience and a wide array of designs. Furniture stores might surprise you with bathroom fixture offerings, and specialty plumbing stores often carry unique options.


Further, consider checking out local plumbing suppliers or wholesalers for competitive prices and variety. If you prefer in-person experiences, explore bathroom design showrooms for hands-on viewing.


Dedicated online marketplaces and local boutiques also serve as reliable options, along with buying directly from manufacturers. Consider your specific needs and preferences as you explore these different avenues for purchasing your countertop wash basin.


Elevate your small bathroom with these innovative ideas and let your creativity flow. Your compact space is ready to shine!

Published by Darah Albesa

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