Everything to Know About Slimline Tanks

Everything to Know About Slimline Tanks

Nov 22, 2023, 3:45:53 AM Business

Installing sustainable structures like rainwater collection systems should be a default for every Kiwi home. Aside from promoting sustainable resource management, these thoughtful components can reduce strain on water supplies and contribute to environmental preservation. The best way to start is to invest in a slimline tank on top of other components: catchment surface, gutters, a filter, and a distribution system.


What Are Slimline Tanks?

Slimline tanks can efficiently collect and store rainwater in narrow spaces. These thin, vertical structure storage solutions fit areas with space constraints, allowing for easy installation in tight spaces, such as narrow alleys or alongside buildings. 


The result is a versatile and sustainable water source. The harvested water is ideal for garden irrigation, domestic use like flushing toilets and washing clothes, and outdoor cleaning tasks.  


Let's explore the advantages of these modern containers.


What Are The Advantages of Opting for Slimline Tanks?

Space Efficiency

Slimline tanks excel in space utilisation, perfect for urban environments or properties with limited outdoor space. Their vertical orientation allows them to fit seamlessly against walls or in narrow corners, ensuring efficient use of available space.


Aesthetic Appeal

Slimline tanks feature sleek and clean exteriors that can seamlessly blend into a residential backyard or on a commercial property. 



Slimline water storage containers can vary in capacities, sizes, and materials that cater to varying residential and commercial needs. Models can vary between steel and plastic water tanks.


Slimline tank manufacturers sell custom sizes and features to accommodate specific water storage requirements for home or commercial use.


Energy Efficiency

The slimline tank manufacturing process involves using recycled materials, reducing the demand for new raw resources and minimising the environmental impact of extraction and processing. Additionally, the production of slimline tanks typically requires less energy than traditional manufacturing methods, further contributing to their eco-friendly profile.


Slimline Tank Installation and Maintenance


The slim profile of these tanks simplifies the installation process. Position and secure the container in areas where traditional tanks might not fit. These include narrow alleyways, small yards, or rooftops with limited space. 


Many slimline tanks come with a self-supporting design. This practical addition removes the need for expensive and complex support structures during installation. Slimline rainwater tanks are easy to install and maintain, even for beginners. 



Your slimline tank may need routine checks to prevent blockage, leaks, and other performance issues. These are straightforward processes to ensure optimal performance. 


Newer slimline brands and models have innovative features as their selling points. These include self-cleaning mechanisms and rust and mould-resistant surfaces for worry-free maintenance.


Read the manufacturer's guide for cleaning, operation, and maintenance to make the most out of your water storage tank.


Upgrade Your Rainwater Collection and Storage System Today

Buying slimline tanks for your rainwater system or upgrading your old one is a practical and space-efficient solution for your home water storage needs.

Explore the range of slimline tanks available today, or talk to your local water storage and container suppliers in NZ now!

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