How to Choose a Safety Barrier System for Your Job Site

Different Barrier Safety Systems Installed at A High-Level Construction Site

How to Choose a Safety Barrier System for Your Job Site

Nov 12, 2023, 10:58:49 PM Business

Ensuring the wellbeing of your personnel and the protection of your assets should be your top priority as a project manager. This emphasis fosters a healthy and productive work environment, minimises risks, and enhances the project's efficiency and success. Barrier safety systems play a pivotal role in achieving these goals.


We feature modern NZ safety barriers for safe, successful, and sustainable projects. We'll also provide you with insights to help you make the crucial decision of selecting the most suitable solution.


Types of Modern Barrier Safety Solutions in NZ

These are the most common modern barrier safety solutions used in New Zealand's construction, warehousing, manufacturing, and other industrial sectors.


Guardrails: Protecting the Perimeter

Guardrails are a common sight on elevated platforms and walkways. They provide a sturdy barrier that keeps workers safe from accidental falls, making them an indispensable choice for elevated workspaces. These systems are typically made of steel, aluminium, or other durable materials, ensuring long-lasting protection.


Guardrails are available in different designs to suit various job site requirements. Some are permanent fixtures, while others are portable, allowing for flexibility.


Barricades: Controlling Zone Access

Barricades are versatile safety tools that help control the flow of people and vehicles. They come in various forms, including plastic, wooden, and metal barricades, and are ideal for marking off dangerous areas or guiding traffic.


Barricades offer an array of choices to cater to specific needs. Temporary units are ideal for construction sites, while traffic barricades are crucial for roadwork. Their visible designs enhance safety and ensure clear demarcation of hazardous zones.


Bollards: Safeguarding Against Collisions

Bollards are robust, short posts strategically placed to prevent vehicle collisions with buildings, infrastructure, or other valuable assets. They come in various styles and materials, offering flexibility in design while ensuring protection.


Bollards come in varying materials, including concrete, steel, and even decorative options for urban settings. Their sturdy construction protects against vehicle impacts, making them a vital component of perimeter safety.


Your choice of barrier solutions should depend on your project's needs. 


Tailoring Barrier Solutions to Your Unique Job Site

1.     Do you work in a construction zone, a warehouse, or an urban area? The nature of your job site will dictate the kind of barrier safety system you need.

2.     New Zealand's local and federal safety regulations may determine the specific type of system you must implement.

3.     Consider your chosen system's visibility and visual impact, especially in high-traffic and fast-paced sites.


Job sites are rife with potential hazards, from heavy machinery and high platforms to busy pedestrian areas. Barrier safety systems act as a critical line of defence, mitigating risks and preventing accidents.


Investing in high-quality protective infrastructure is a project manager's responsibility. By considering the type of site, safety regulations, and even visual impact, you can make the best choice to protect your personnel and assets. Your job site's safety is in your hands; we've given you the methods to secure it. Visit a reputable safety equipment supplier today!

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