Smart Questions to Ask a Development Funding Firm

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Smart Questions to Ask a Development Funding Firm

Aug 31, 2023, 12:20:09 PM Business

Are you a developer who wants to partner with a reliable development funding firm in New Zealand? Whether you're new to this industry or a seasoned veteran, leading construction lending companies can turn your visionary blueprints into infrastructures that shape NZ's rural and urban spaces.

Financing can make a difference in delivering promising projects that generate positive ROIs. However, to enjoy the benefits, you must partner with a firm that understands your needs and adapts its policies based on them. 

We cover the right questions you should be asking to find the best funding company for your project.


1. What Is Their Experience in Funding a Project Similar To Yours?

Ask about projects the development funding firm has financed previously when supporting projects of the same size and complexity to understand their track record. 

The answers tell you whether their experience aligns with your project's requirements.


2. What Different Development Financing Solutions and Adjustments Do They Offer?

General contractors and architects know every commercial construction project has unique financial needs, timelines, and stresses. You must determine if a potential development funding firm can provide tailored financing solutions.

A reliable funding partner will work with you to structure financing that meets your requirements without compromising your vision.


3. How Does the Firm Execute Its Due Diligence for Project Funding?

Does your chosen development funding firm provide a comprehensive due diligence process? What are the documentation and information requirements they need to assess your project's feasibility? 

Understanding this process helps you secure the needed paperwork for a smooth application and assessment process.


4. What Are Their Interest Rates and Payment Terms?

Understand the details of the financing firm's interest rates—which can be fixed or variable. Discuss the construction loan terms, and don't forget to ask about any potential penalties or fees. 

Clear communication in this area will prevent surprises down the line. A property development funding partner that values transparency and keeps you informed instils confidence in your collaboration.


5. How Do They Adapt To Changes and Project Challenges?

Seasoned developers have had their share of construction project delays and other incidents of unpredictable nature. Inquire about the funding firm's flexibility in accommodating these costly changes to the project plan. Understand how they protect the interests of their clients and provide support to help them get through similar situations.

Whether it's a shift in timelines or adjustments to the budget, a funding partner who can adapt with you is invaluable.


6. What Are Their Exit Strategies?

Finally, ask your chosen funding company about their expectations regarding repayment or exit from the financing agreement. This will help you plan for the long-term financial aspects of the project.

Asking the right questions when evaluating a development funding firm can make all the difference in the success of your commercial building project. 

By considering their responses to your inquiries, you can gain insights to help you choose a funding firm that meets your financial needs and supports your project's success.  

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