Tips for Designing Lifestyle Sheds in New Zealand

Tips for Designing Lifestyle Sheds in New Zealand

Sep 1, 2023, 7:12:14 AM Business

Tips for Designing Lifestyle Sheds in New Zealand

Lifestyle sheds have become a popular addition to rural properties in New Zealand. These structures provide functional and aesthetic benefits, serving various purposes. A lifestyle shed in NZ commonly functions as storage, a workshop, a hobby space, and even an additional living area.  


If you're planning to construct a lifestyle shed, there are ways to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your new building.  


This article explores valuable tips for designing lifestyle sheds specific to your needs and setting. 


How to Design a Lifestyle Shed

Follow these informative design guides to curate a lifestyle shed that caters to your present and future needs. 


Assessing Your Needs and Goals

Consider why you want a shed: storing equipment, creating a dedicated workspace, or accommodating recreational activities. Your answer will determine the size, layout, and features to prioritise. 


Choosing the Right Location

What location can offer natural lighting, access to utilities, and proximity to your main building? Do you want your shed to blend harmoniously with the landscape? These questions help you find the best shed placement offering convenience and seamless visual integration. 


Understanding Building Regulations and Permits

Check your local building regulations and permit requirements in New Zealand. Each region may have specific guidelines regarding shed construction, including size restrictions, setback distances, and foundation requirements. 


Designing a Functional Layout

Lifestyle sheds are known for maximising the building's usable spaces. Plan a layout that allows easy access, ample storage, and generous work areas. 


Additionally, installing customisable storage solutions, workbenches, and shelving units can enhance the functionality and organisation of your shed. 


Prioritising Durability and Weather Resistance

New Zealand's diverse climate challenges the longevity of lifestyle sheds. Prioritise durability and weather resistance. Steel frames and sheds, for example, can withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain, strong winds, and intense sunlight.  


Don't forget insulation, ventilation, and access to natural light. These factors prevent moisture build-up and ensure a comfortable interior environment. 


Enhancing Aesthetics with Exterior Finishes

Don't just focus on functionality. Choose exterior finishes that complement the architectural style of your property and blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings.  


Adding Personal Touches and Customisation

Some steel lifestyle shed fabricators allow you to design and build a structure that reflects your style and preferences. These providers let you choose colour schemes, decorative accents, and functional additions that align with your hobbies and interests.  


Maintaining and Caring for Your Lifestyle Shed

Your shed design should also consider ease of cleaning and maintenance. The interior and exterior spaces should be accessible for periodic inspections, cleaning, and repairs.  


Proper care will protect your investment and help maintain the shed's functionality and aesthetic appeal over time. 


Considering these lifestyle shed design tips for your new rural building in New Zealand is just half of the process. The other half is to consult with professionals to ensure the design meets safety and building standards.  


Partnering with experienced and licensed lifestyle and farm shed builders in NZ ensures you enjoy your new property for years. Aside from quality engineering, fabrication, and installation work, these firms offer warranties and guarantees for your peace of mind. 


Talk to lifestyle shed builders today and see how they can help you get started!

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