Should We Support Nate Parker?

Should We Support Nate Parker?

Aug 18, 2016, 11:25:22 PM Entertainment

There are those who believe in the saying,"America, home of second chances" but there are some things that cannot be forgotten as well as taken for granted. In 1999 while attending Penn State University, actor/director/writer Nate Parker was accused and subsequently charged along with his friend and writer Jean Celestin with counts of rape and sexual assault. While Parker was acquitted of all charges, Celestin would ultimately be convicted of sexual assault and serve six months in jail. Parker would transfer to the University of Oklahoma, be discovered as an actor, and go on to live a life as a famous actor. But when his movie The Birth of a Nation, was shown at the Sundance Festival and awarded distribution from Fox, everyone was excited for the film. After diagnosing the film and looking at his past, fans and critics were alarmed of a rape charge for both Celestin and Parker, as well as a scene in the movie that depicts a brutal rape. Fans are now scared to react and some are completely not supporting the movie. Supporting Nate Parker and his movie is completely your choice, but knowing his past is important to knowing the movie. It should at least raise some eyebrows if a movie's director who has past with something such as rape and his movie is now depicting a rape. Supporting Nate Parker is bad if you are forgetting about the rape charge against him. One can support Parker while still understanding that rape is wrong. Rape is wrong even if accused, and later proving not guilty. Another odd fact is that the accuser had reportedly committed suicide, according to her brother, in an interview he said that she committed suicide back in 2012. She had been dealing with symptoms of PTSD, and other symptoms that tie back to the alleged rape. So as it gets closer to releasing the movie, more reports are sure to come out, and we will be following along with you guys to report on more dealing with this story. But supporting Nate Parker is not a bad thing nor is not supporting he and his movie. It is bad if your decision is made without knowing all of the information. Leave your comments below discussing the whole situation. 

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